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Top 10 sexy cartoon women

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Because in the world of vignettes not all are muscular men in spandex, today we bring you a count with the most exquisitely drawn females and that added to their irresistible personality they leave us drooling over our precious “cuentitos”. The following list does not reflect anything other than the personal taste of the (pervert) who writes to them, so instead of complaining about “Missed X” or “You would not have put Y” better leave your personal list in the comments and compare tastes.

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  1. Elektra Natchios We started our counting-catwalk with the leader of the clan The Hand, as lethal as beautiful; even in his film version sighs (although his movie stinks). Elektra (the girl, not the small fertilizer store XD) manages to sneak into the top for her strength, determination and body beautifully worked for years of martial arts training; As the saying goes. . . hit me but do not leave me (?).
  2. Starfire (the comic) Yes, in the cartoon of Teen Titans (one of the best American approaches to aesthetics anime in my opinion) Starfire was cute, silly, lovable in the end a whole ball of love that in several words fascinated; but the Starfire of the comics: I take off my hat, that bigger spin (and sexy) can be given to a character that was already loved by many. Obviously I know that he appeared first in the comics, but I speak on behalf of those who first met the one in the animated series; the surprise was quite pleasant I must say. No doubt the best girlfriend and the most beautiful that came to have Dick Grayson (damn envy). If there are still doubts about why it is in the top. . . go back to see the image above (the times needed xD)
  3. Wonder Woman Diana, princess of the amazons and a true queen among the heroines of comics, the archetype of heroine par excellence and at least for me, one of my first fictional platonic loves, icon of feminism and more than obvious reference of “female liberation” from the middle of the last century. In addition to always being the source of the disputes between Batman and Superman (although the suspicions of yaoi between these two are too many)
  4. Poison Ivy (Poison Ivy) Dr. Pamela Isley manages to strain counting not only for her more than suggestive costume in the style of Eva, her spectacular red hair, her seductive and dominatrix attitude (ops I am already venting my fetishes) but also for her very ( too) intimate friendship with another member of this count, which sets off the overactive imagination of more than one.
  5. Angela. Another beautiful redhead (we follow the parade of fetishes xD), that its 100 thousand years old do not scare you, that its eternal appearance of twenty-one turns crazy to anyone. The fiercest warrior of the sky and unbeatable hellspawns hunter, deals death without ever ruffling or losing his beautiful face. A most beloved character in Spawn’s universe, who now lives in the 616 universe, making the galactic guardians see their fate.
  6. Harley Quinn Related image The fifth place of cream and cream, the sexiest among the sexy in the world of vignettes is taken by Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel; On the one hand she is innocent, naive and funny, and her determination to make the Joker really love her makes even the girl hurt us. But on the other hand, she is a lethal killer and totally upset. This duality, added to the coletitas, the body, the tight suit (a whole parade of fetishes, which is appreciated) and his relationship with Poison Ivy ( Santas batitortillas Batman! ) Make him an incredibly attractive character and loved by a great legion of fans.
  7. Emma Frost. Related image Leaving aside his clothes (Tremendous hypnotizing neckline!), Perhaps the most striking of it is its moral duality, it has been both enemy and member of the Xmen. A full-fledged anti-heroine, besides being on the list for being one of the marvel girls of “more relaxed morals” as her list of lovers and ex-boyfriends is too long to be mentioned here.
  8. Mary Jane Watson Image result for mary jane watson And of course all the Spidey fans got the lottery with the redhead (yes, the third in the count I think my personal fetishes have been exposed) spoiled by all Marvel. Charismatic no more power, tender but also tough when needed, independent but also suffered wife. The owner of the heart of Spiderman par excellence (although the Gwenliebers lynch me). Despite being of no power, Mary Jane and her iron will, and her ability to give her life for the man she loves, makes us all fall in love.
  9. Catwoman (Selina Kyle) Selina has something that the others do not: If we took away the perfect measurements, the divine beauty and the tight leather suit. . . It would still be tremendously sexy. That is, what makes Catwoman the platonic love of every good comic book fan is his personality, not his body. With a hard past, this thief emanates pure and hard heroism with a bit of creeping selfishness. On the other hand, it’s great to see her fight for being a tough and independent girl despite having a sweet side that only brings out very few people, including her eternal love, Batman.
  10. Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) And the time has come! After having seen an authentic parade of beauties. . . of course we left the best for last! Proving that the brunettes command the first place in this great and sensual top is for Sara Pezzini the best homicide detective in New York. Italian blood, goddess body, a hallucinating brown hair and two huge pezzinis a stinging look that takes your breath away. The bearer of the legendary Wicthblade weapon (which for our delight always activates tends to break its clothes) destroys all the competition and leaves us knocked out with its dazzling beauty.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?