Top 5 Hard Hats for Hvac Workers

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The life of each person is precious. While some have an office job sitting in an air-conditioned room, some have to go out there, face the dust and work in the field. While working in the field has its own pros and cons, one vital factor is that there is a safety at risk. No matter which field it is when it comes to field job, the risk one faces is multifold. Which is why workers are always instructed to wear hard hats to protect themselves from any possible danger & to save their family a sorrowful time. Yes, it is mandatory in places, but even then wouldn’t anyone want to wear a hat comfortable and suitable for them. Let’s look at the most preferred hard hats.

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MSA 475407 Natural Tan Skullgard

When a person wants everything in a hard hat right from comfort to safety, then the industry recommends this hard hat. The material used for this hard hat is carbon fiber. The added advantage of this hat is that it also looks cool with its natural tan color. Workers in industries which are highly dangerous such as welding, oil, and gas, grinding, sandblasting, etc. should always wear this hat. Since the majority of the world recommends this hat when it comes to safety, a worker should not think twice for buying this hat if it is available in the market.

Fibre-Metal P1

For workers who are put up in extreme temperatures, this hard hat is a blessing in disguise. Made of injection molded fiberglass this hard hat gives a safety level which is 8 times higher than that of HDPE shells. Coming with an adjustable band, this hard hat is no less in comfort. Talking about comfort level this hard hat is sturdy too. One of the main reasons this hard hat is famous is because of its patented SuperEight suspension which is not found in any other hard hat. Since this hard hat has a full brim, it makes sure the worker’s safety is in good hands also not compromising on comfort. People working in construction sites, steel plants, fabrication shops, chemical plants or any other extreme temperature zone can go for this hat which is specifically designed to handle these conditions.

MSA 454666 Skullgard Protective Hard Hat

This one is an industry favorite. The main reason is that with staz on suspension the comfort level one gets in this hat is amazing. This hat does not give the feel of wearing a hard hat but offers the comfort of wearing a premium quality comfort hat. With an option of semi-custom fit, it is no doubt this hat stands as a favorite among workers. Coming in 3 types of suspension options and in 2 brim styles, MSA does not take heat testing lightly. This hat is tested to handle up to 350F of temperature. For more features on safety, this hard hat is designed to protect from any type of penetrations and even to withstand electric shock for up to 2200 volts.

Pyramex Full Brim Hard Hat

The workers choose Pyramex when the option of lightweight becomes the primary need. Focusing on the industries belonging to the electrical also including utility and energy fields this hard meets the sector expected type 1 ANSI standards. Whether it is a sunny day or whether the rain is pouring down, this hard hat will save the day. Since there is a suspension included to increase the comfort level, the person wearing the hat can adjust the setting according to alter to the perfect fit.

Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

Introducing by Pyramex safety this hard hat comes with a 4 point ratchet suspension. This hard hat is made out of ABS material. For workers facing a discomfort with heavy hard hats, this is a good choice as it is ultra light and it seems weightless but gives excellent protection. Since this hard hat comes with ratchet suspension, the adjustability factor is better compared to other hard hats. This is because there is an option to modify the hat according to the best fit. There are chances that a helmet can be worn out and for situations like this, this hard hat has a replaceable headband and soft brow pad and even suspensions. The best part is that this suspension can be improved from 4 point suspension to a 6 point suspension.

With the right hard hat, even the long hour fieldwork can be made comfortable.

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