Top 50 Skill Incubator Founder's Expensive e-Money Investments 

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  1. Learn how to survive the fluctuation and then focus on developing strong.
  2. Temporarily ignore daily short-term goals instead of long-term goals.
  3. Do not lose a big chance because of small losses.
  4. Capturing market dynamics is important, as a precondition for successful or failed trades.
  5. Want to change your life with a certain amount of money, temporarily do nothing for at least 30 days.
  6. The Ponzi model is present in all network marketing affiliate marketing projects.
  7. Do not listen to anyone, especially those who appear random in the media.
  8. Good analytical techniques can be destroyed at any time when new entrants appear.
  9. You absolutely can not control the market. You can only control transactions, level of transaction and how to withdraw. ten. The best way to make money is to find the potential to grow and invest them, with the mind losing 100% of capital, but that potential must be found before people create the trend.
  10. When the stock market is rising (Bull Market), everyone thinks they are a genius. But when the bear market or market fluctuates, only the genius really survive and develop.
  11. Do not be afraid to face the downfall or volatility of the market. Because this is where you can earn the most money. Remember that the market has its development cycle.
  12. Please distinguish between trading and investment.
  13. Complete the deal before proceeding with another transaction.
  14. When you manage your money well, the risks will determine whether you earn money or lose everything.
  15. Be cautious with the master of improvisation with Bandwagon effect in the virtual currency market.
  16. The type of transaction or investment to be executed is two very important decisions.
  17. Not everyone earning money in the electronic money market can make a lot of money in the financial market. 95% of stock market investors fail because of this.
  18. There is currently no best way to trade in the electronic money market.
  19. The relationship between volume and price or any other tool is not something that will help you to make a profit.
  20. “Sharks” often make news to attract views, clicks and, of course, they have no responsibility to help you make money.
  21. When investing or trading do not entrust anyone. Should trade for your own and secret.
  22. Do not hurry because this is a long race. Many surprises are waiting for you ahead.
  23. Over-capitalization, trading hesitations and closing trades when things are still intact are three major issues for traders.
  24. The reason is that you lose money or can lose a lot of money because you do not master your transactions and skills are low.
  25. Be very careful when investing to minimize risk. As of now, 90% of Cryptocurrency eventually goes to zero.
  26. Take a close look at market signals to capture opportunities.
  27. The longer the time frame, the more variables that affect the price and the more difficult to predict. Should shorten the trading histogram.
  28. For business and investment, do not listen to anything from people around you, think like a paradox.
  29. Manage your deals in a bold, confident way that you will not regret if there is a risk.
  30. Before major events occur, investors should be cautious ahead of the transaction as there may be some market fluctuations.
  31. The important principle of investors is to preserve capital and manage risks.
  32. The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is their ego.
  33. Most importantly, after making the mistake, do not let that mistake happen again.
  34. The money market is 24/7/365 and we can not capture all transactions. But do not worry if you miss out on other deals.
  35. Momentum and advertising “coin garbage” is also a channel to make money, just do not invest long term.
  36. Do not use money for trading, because it is risky.
  37. When the market fluctuates sharply, it is time for digital money transactions to fall.
  38. Nothing is difficult but it is also the biggest advantage in business.

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