Toraj and Harjot: Recommendations on Starting an E-commerce Business on Drones

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All the big companies and organizations have come under the menace of information and data confidentiality leak outs – the latest examples been “Cambridge Analytica” and “Facebook” where the former which keeps the data of big companies and reputes confidential, leaked out data of “Facebook” to many intelligence agencies, with the CEO of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg accused of being involved in this cybercrime.

These incidents have caught the eyes and ears of other big houses to be precautious and aware of the risks and penalties accrued with these sought of violations and crimes. So, an efficacious IT Security Governance needs to be enforced to have smooth organizational operations and remain inside the periphery of regulations and standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Confused at the outset, setting a good IT Security Governance sounds painstaking and tedious, but eventually it’s going to bear rewards in the long run. Let’s go through some of the numerous benedictions that good IT Strategy offers.

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  • Secure and Greater Protected Data
  • Constructing an efficacious IT governance policy would augment the safety, security, reliability, integrity, accessibility and quality of your data. Since the policy sets ground rules, accountability, regulations and procedures for safer and secured data flow through the organizations.

  • Paced and Unequivocal Business Savvy Approach
  • Business Intelligence is the new trend in this fast-paced industrial era, where substantial and profitable data can be utilized for increased profits and outwitting innovations. But that being sad, this data should be unrestricted to all authenticated users and this can be attained only by a set of policies and strategies.

  • Economized costs and Efficacious Risk Handling

    Paring down expenses and handling liabilities concord with each other if IT governance policies are implemented effectually, henceforth augmenting incomes and cutting down dissipations.

IT Governance procedures are imperative for small businesses like drone business, fire and alarm security business and bicycle companies. I have done a research and found some examples that will help in business growth in the short and long run.

  1. Shielding Website from Cyber bullies:
    • Almost each website has some vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of. “Symantec” says that a strict Virus Shielding Stratagem should be the paramount preference. Virus detection methods validated by the Security officials should be put into effect. Antivirus systems should not be turned off at any time, which will enable continuous scanning of servers and softwares using a stratified approach. Thus, diminishing the risks of malwares. Henceforth, cutting the costs and increasing revenues.
  2. Protecting Customer’s Identity and Purchases:
    • Customers are always skeptical about purchasing something from e-commerce platforms as they fear it might involve fraud and legal issues. Therefore, an SSL certificate should be added to clear these customer doubts. This will enable a safe link between the customers and the company. Also, safeguarding the customer’s confidentiality.
  3. Easily Accessible to online customers:
    • Compact SEO policy should be devised to boost the chances of online accessibility. So, SEOs should be hired for luring online customers.
  4. Promotional Offers and Warrantee:
  5. Online deals should be such that the customers feel it worth to buy it from your website. Promotional offers should be given regularly such as selling a camera free with one drone purchase on special occasions.

Making an investment to start online business is a progressive but common idea. It all depends on the factors in which investment is supposed to be made. Starting an e-commerce business requires a systematic plan to execute. Enhancing the infrastructure is a key requirement while starting online business. Modern IT infrastructure are little bit more expensive and unreliable because of hackers and malwares, but in the long run, it will make business more flexible and easier to handle. Social Media and internet have the power to lure more and more customers. Thus, increasing the total sales and revenues.

IT Security Manager principally manages the following areas:

  • To start, create, and keep up data security arrangements and methods and to guarantee that the security procedures are being pursued, to meet the authoritative security objectives and gauges.
  • To record all the security arrangements and to elevate exercises and methods to make a general mindfulness about the hugeness of security inside an association. Steering committee is an imperative necessity for any organization to function placidly as the panel oversees the operations of the company and takes mandatory strides whenever necessary.

IT Security Manager has many goals to attain, but the three primary goal indicators that can be recommended are: –

  • Costumer’s obligations and anticipations should be consented within stipulated time and cost.
  • Consent with the regulations and policies of ISO.
  • Minimizing IT threats.
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