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This report summarizes the key Details of Federation Square as a tourist destination in Melbourne. It covers the strengths and Weaknesses of the Location and the Various Attributes of how the visitors perceive them. It is terrifying to imagine Melbourne without the fed Federation Square, it is an accurate representation of everything that Melbourne is and holds dear. Home to major cultural attractions, world-class events, tourism experiences and an array of restaurants, bars and speciality stores, this piazza has become the heart and soul of Melbourne. Fed Square has been managed by Fed Square Pty Ltd, which was established by the Victorian Government in 1999. Fed Square Pty Ltd is Responsible for all the coordination and management of programming and marketing of the public spaces and asset management and development as well.

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Since its opening in 2002, The Federation Square has been visited by more than a 100 million visits and has recently been named the 6th Best Public Square of the World, It is currently number two for national and international visitation to Melbourne and is regularly among Victoria’s top two attractions in the state for local visitors. The Federation Square is host to more than 2,000 events a year including New Year’s Eve celebrations, Melbourne Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, large public rallies, live sites for major sporting events as well as school holiday and Christmas programs, it also hosts major attractions and world-class galleries including The Ian Potter Center: NGV Australia, Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) and the Melbourne Visitor Center. There is the progression of structures based on a vast cleared square and a glass-walled chamber.

The corner is involved by a glass-walled structure that gives access to the underground Melbourne Visitor Centre. (“Melbourne | Victorian Government,” 2018)OwnershipFederation Square is privately owned by Federation Square Management, a proprietary limited company wholly owned by the State Government of Victoria. Federation Square Management is responsible for managing leases at the site. While a large portion is a public space, the private ownership of the land means that Federation Square Management, in collaboration with local authorities (City of Melbourne and Victoria Police etc), plays a significant role in the day-to-day management of the space. Federation Square Management also has ownership of the former “vaults” area adjacent to Federation Wharf. (“Federation Square”, 2018)Authenticity Federation Square is the creation of a new urban order on a site that has never before existed. More than just a new set of buildings, the federation square is the new centre of cultural activity for Melbourne fulfilling the long-held dream for a large open public gathering space in Melbourne, federation square gives the citizens of Victoria an authentic civic destination.

The project for federation square required the design of a cultural precinct focused around two new civic spaces for Melbourne. These have been realised as a new compound shaped and topographically surfaced civic square capable of accommodating up to 35,000 people in an open-air amphitheatre, and a covered, yet open passively environmentally controlled glazed atrium. (Davies et al. , 2018)


Federation Square gets temporary heritage protection from Apple store Federation Square has been granted heritage protection until late 2018 as a government body deliberates on whether to permanently protect the site, a decision that could prevent an Apple store being added to the precinct. The order comes after the National Trust of Australia’s Victorian branch nominated Federation Square for heritage protection in early August following the state government’s plans to build an Apple store on the site, which were released in December 2017.

Accessibility The Square

The undulating surface of The Square is made up of sandstone cobblestones, with a marked access path.

Deakin Edge: Deakin Edge has lift access and is a wheelchair accessible. The Atrium: The Atrium is wheelchair accessible, with Flinders Street offering the best point of entry.

River Terrace: The River Terrace is wheelchair accessible, with lift access at the corner of Princes Bridge on Swanston Street.

Accessible Toilets

There are accessible public toilets and baby-change facilities located in The Square, next to Time Out and in The Atrium, next to Kirra Galleries. (“Visiting Federation Square – Federation Square,” 2018)


Explore a pop-up marketplace in The Atrium celebrating Melbourne’s favourite small businesses (and packed with the best coffee and doughnuts you can find)!Over three days, businesses that you know and love—Market Lane Coffee, Shortstop Coffee & Donuts, More Chocolate, That Dapper Chap, Buttering Cookies, Those Girls, Cobb Lane Bakery, Adriano Zumba, Sensory Lab, Hunters’ Roots, 5 & Dime Bagel and many more—are joining emerging artists, homewards designers, illustrators, crafters, and buskers to sell direct to the public!Entry to Square Market is completely free. Stop in and support Melbourne’s finest small businesses. Square Market is powered by Square and proudly supported by American Express.


According to The Landscape Architects Network “The public square is a place for enjoyment, but recent global events have highlighted the very important symbolic nature of our public places. Public space is the realm where the theory of politics, economics, and society collide with the reality of politics, economics, and society”. The federation square has filled a gigantic gap before it was built, Melbourne had no gathering place in the CBD area where people could meet together in large groups. There was a lot of demand but no one had stepped forward until Federation Square was built. It provided a unique offering – the ability to accommodate 15,000 people in the CBD in relative comfort and safety. For free and with no walls. Second, Federation Square was built in a unique – location. It is located critically between the Princes Bridge which carries locals and vehicle traffic between the CBD and the busy cultural location it is also very easily accessible. It’s right next door to the busiest railway station in Melbourne, is serviced by trams on two sides and of course is in the largest, the concentration of activity in the metropolitan area. Thirdly, it was created as a cultural precinct than an entertainment mall. The main reasons for visiting Federation Square are due the above and beyond Restaurants and Bars which include the Ian Potter Art Gallery, Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the giant public screen. Fourth. Also, the key decision to locate the Melbourne Visitor Centre within the complex was smart. The big screen, for example, proved its worth with screenings of major sporting and cultural events such as the Melbourne Cup and the soccer World Cup. It’s the happy combination of all these factors that makes Federation Square what it is. The design of Federation Square is another crucial factor that has contributed to its success. It looks exquisite and like a building that attracts attention and has already established itself as an iconic Melbourne landmark. (Davies et al. , 2018)


Virtually empty most of the time resulting in a 33-million-dollar loss in the last 5 years. The Andrews government announced that one of the buildings of the square, the Yarra building, would be demolished to make way for a freestanding Apple Store, generating strong criticism over the commercial use of a cultural space should also be solved. In conclusion, the Federation Square is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Victoria but it does have its own flaws as well.

Socially, Fed Square has entered Melbourne’s civic life as a place for celebration, commemoration and protest. Historically, Fed Square dates further back than the mid-1990s design competition. With the National Trust of Australia nominating Federation Square for Heritage protection one can only hope that it exists and stays as the same Square that accurately represents Melbourne’s heart and Lifestyle.

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