Research of Different Points of View in Tourism Discourse

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Since on a professional level tourism is a sector with specific structures such as hotels, restaurants and travel agencies, and various professional figures, for example, guides and programmers. All these elements must be able to communicate with each other and the presence of a specialized language is an important aid, specific to this particular diverse professional environment. In this case, the language can be characterized by a high density of specific concepts and terminology, with the text following very precise structures, objectivity, and neutrality. But this system has to work also outside the professional figures and the structures of tourism. Specialized knowledge has to be transmitted through the use of the common language and the constant use of rewording, with a simpler approach to concepts. It is essential in advertising communication between the experts and the public, the non-experts. Above all the promotional area arise for its linguistic singularity, because of the particularity of the tourist product, that of being intangible at the moment of the purchase and really only after having used it. This particle characteristic has a strong influence on the transmission of the advertising message. In fact, the tourist acquires above all expectations. As a result, the purposes of this message vary greatly depending on the promoters of the message, whether organizers, public or private bodies, and the receivers to whom the texts produced are addressed. The choice of the interlocutors involved depends on which market sector it refers to and the text type through which the message is transmitted. It can be done directly, for example by an operator-tourist, at the time of use of the product, or indirectly, passing through the press, Internet or the television. Considering then the promotional language aspect, its aim is to obtain the customers’ attention, for example by using catching words.

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As a specialized language tourism discourse is characterized by multidimensionality and it shows different points of view. The areas connected with the tourism field can be disciplines, such as geography, sociology, psychology, history, art history, and economics, as well as sectors like entertainment, gastronomy, craft and even sport. This interdisciplinary is a typical element of the tourism activities and the writers of tourist texts should be knowledgeable in various disciplines, for example, history and marketing, and more. Thus the tourism discourse can be considered a specialized language as it consists of a subsystem of the common language, with its own lexicon, morphosyntax, and textual rules, which are applied in a specific professional field and used by both experts and non-experts. This discourse is able to combine its communicative component with the thematic of other technical areas and disciplines, therefore to create a mediation between a more technical language and the language of the tourists, making it more accessible, in the knowledge that success in these circumstances is not determined by showing their own skills or providing as much information as possible, but by the ability to motivate and interest tourists, to put them in the centre of an interesting discovery, that they are about to made.

The characteristics of tourism discourse connected to the morphology, syntax, and lexicon are particular and they are constantly undergoing changes. It is also important to notice how these characters may vary in accordance with the different types of texts.

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