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Toys are essentially a major important part in a children’s life. It kind of guides them into showing them what they are in an aspect of sex. Pretty much all the toys being in stored in stores are categorized and divided by color and what is being included in the aisle. The toy aisle are also being determined by the names the toys are using, the color and the pictures as well. There is pretty difficult trying to find neutral toys that can be used for either girls and boys because almost everything is mostly based on gender. Putting gender wise on toys is molding a children’s mind into making then being forced to use what is considered “right” for that gender that they are. Also, psychological pressure on children that if they approach an aisle or holding into toys of their opposite gender it will make them feel less of what they are seen as.

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I’ve checked out the stores Walmart & Family Dollar to see how they are being manage up to this day. And it is accurate on how well they are being separate on distinguishing what girls should do/play with and what boys should do/play with. In the boy aisle they contain on having : Star Wars, Bikes, Wheels, Legos, Wrestling dolls, building materials, even guns of course including the color blue. Meanwhile the girl aisle has the color pink all over including: princess dolls, makeup, babies, hair & jewelry: pony’s, cooking house/materials. These toys categorize children on certain roles and things they are allowed to do. Male toys resemble being strong, dominant, and are capable of doing anything, in the other hand female toys show less aggression, how to be proper and princesses waiting for things to be done for them as well as being dependent.

Being classified what your gender is even before a baby is born, is a usual big thing that people usually do and people throw a party called a Baby Gender Reveal Party. In those party usual conditions of table of candy with saying “ Team Boy or Team Girl “ with the color blue being used for male and pink for females. Allowing people eat dessert with saying “Team Lashes or Team Stashes”. This shows that by using the colors are already being determined what consist of being a female and a male. By using expressions, foods & fun games relating to what the “ gender “ does.

Gender also implies on the name that parents choose for their children. There are name that are only for the role female or male, but it is very rare to find and have a neutral name that can be used for both genders. A Name given by a parent is a important specific trait that gives others the knowing of someone that they see before they are about to know about the person. Around the country, The United States of America has acknowledged that the majority of the low class people have improvised a name that is easy to speak and very stimulate to blend well.

The structure of how toys are being designed for young children on how they are being used into the matter of playing, this sends a strong message as well as showing them how they must individually be as they are growing up. For example, the girl toys for female does not consist of having the need to repair anything or build. Everything is being handed to them as in a way of saying that girls/women don’t have to work more essential that things will be already displayed for them and let the man be the dominant and provide the hard work for them always. As for the boys they are the ones building roads, fixing cars like hot wheels, shooting some hoops for basketball, football or soccer. That sends a message that a boy/man has the right of way to get dirty, accomplish task, demonstrating that they are open minded basically they have got things under control.

Furthermore, the texture on the display for dolls and other playful toys for girls are soft, bright, and very well organized compared to the boys. The boxes include packed materials on the side being displayed neatly. Meanwhile for the young boys the boxes consist of plastic fitting the exact measure of the shape of the doll. The structure also implies how certain expectations for how girls and boys should develops as. The girls toys consist of applying makeup, having clear skin, a nice slim thick body, nice outfits, with dashing hairstyles. Meaning that if girls are not living up to that expectation they will be considered ugly not mostly being girl role. As for the boys again, they have the right height adequate for masculine, big muscles.

Additionally, as the toys are being made they also come along with clothing. The clothing that approaches the idea of the type of professions being achieved. The clothing that is being provided on whatever you/doll has things to speak for itself. When you approach a doll she is in a glamours attire or something formal. The occupations that you see most on girl dolls are: Nurses, vetnerians,, Fashion Models, Waitress, Teachers, and Clerks. As in they don’t got the capacity to learn more or take of any of the high demanded more expectation physically and mentally; whereas the boys it shows more adversity and dangerous job like as: policemen, construction workers, agriculture, lawyers, surgeons, army, army, and lastly superheroes. There’s been an observation where the dolls have “ try me “ buttons allows girls to press it. As they press it a high spoken voice is being talked. That helps young girls gain confidence and positivism on themselves.

As a conclusion from this analysis, both genders are being socialize into ways that show they should react and play with. Girls mind are being shaped as in they stay home, prepare food, that their only job is to look nice and pretty all the time. They let the boy take the lead and just receive and enjoy his benefits. In other hand, all these toys for both genders are presuming into a child mind making them create a self-image for themselves that will led them into a fully wonderful world. These toys being displayed for the young infants are somewhat teaching and sending then messages what I mean to be a female and male.

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