Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

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Advertising is an integral part of our daily lives We see it everywhere, in our workplaces, in our homes or even in our mobile phones But we have never thought about its types and cost There are types of marketing that include traditional marketing and digital marketing Today, we will learn about marketing and the differences between them.

What is the Traditional marketing? Traditional marketing is a rather broad category that mixes many forms of advertising and marketing. Print marketing is the shape. Loosely defined as advertising in paper form, this strategy has been in use since middle Ages, when Egyptians created sales messages and wall posters on papyrus.

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Today, print marketing generally invert to advertising space in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other printed materials intended for distribution. Broadcast marketing includes television and radio. Radio broadcasts have been around since the 1900s, and the first commercial broadcast—a radio program by advertisements—aired on November 2, 1920. Television, the next step in entertainment technology, was quicker to adopt advertising, with less than ten years between its inception and the first television commercial in 1941. Direct mail marketing uses printed material like postcards, brochures, letters, catalogs and other material that is printed and mailed directly to consumers. One of the earliest and most well-known examples of direct mail is the Sears Catalog, which was first mailed to consumers in 1888.

Finally, telephone marketing, or telemarketing, is the practice of delivering sales messages over the phone to persuade consumers to buy a product or service. This type of marketing has become partly controversial in the modern age, with many telemarketers using aggressive sales tactics. The U.S. federal government has put out strict laws governing the use of telemarketing to conflict some of these techniques.

Types of Traditional marketing

Most traditional marketing strategies fall under one of four categories:

  • Print : Includes newspapers, newsletters, magazines, brochures, and other printed material for distribution
  • Broadcast: Includes radio and television commercials
  • Direct mail: Includes postcards, brochures, letters, catalogs, and other material that is printed and mailed directly to consumers
  • Telephone: Includes requested calling and cold calling of consumers over the phone

Benefits of Traditional marketing:

  • You can easily reach to your targeted local customers easily.
  • The material can be kept.
  • It’s easy to understand.

Cost of Traditional marketing:

  • Print: approximately 250 riyal per advertising
  • Broadcast: approximately 2500 riyal per advertising
  • Direct mail: approximately 1500 per 100 advertising
  • Telephone: approximately 1000 per 75 advertising

Most Memorable Traditional marketing campaigns

The top four campaigns are:

  • McDonalds: “You deserve a break today”
  • Nike: “Just Do It”
  • Coca-Cola: “The pause that refreshes”
  • Volkswagen: “Think Small”

Traditional marketing VS Digital marketing:

Traditional Marketing channels include TV commercials, radio commercials, print ads, advertorials, outdoor advertising such as billboards, promotional items, events, exhibitions, and sponsorship of events. Digital marketing channels are much more than just social media. It involves blogging, videos, podcasts, mobile, social media, email marketing, digital analytics, and managing digital marketing through tactics such as account-based marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). Digital marketing allows for campaigns to be hyper-targeted on gender, age, interests, location, and even past purchasing behavior. This allows companies to get their message in front of the right consumers.

So what is the right mix of traditional marketing vs. digital marketing for you? It depends on your goals. Be wise and remember to avoid limiting yourself to one marketing channel.

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