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Traditions, mentality and habits of Americans in Oklahoma

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Multinationality is one of the main features of Oklahoma City. People of many different cultures live in the city. Every year, Oklahoma hosts national holidays dedicated to the Irish, Scottish, Chinese, Jewish, Italian, Mexican, Czech, African American and Arab cultures. A fantastic event – Oklahoma State Fair – takes place annually in the city. The fair starts in September and lasts 11 days, accompanied by fun entertainment.

More than a million tourists visit this holiday every year. All guests of the fair have the opportunity to purchase new crafts of urban artisans. Also, the exhibitions devoted to different cultures are prevalent in Oklahoma. As it was already mentioned, people from many different countries live in the city. Therefore the entertainment passing during the exhibition is very fascinating and diverse.

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The festival of Norman culture is no less an original holiday. It was first held in 1976. The old spirit inherent in the holiday is the main distinctive feature of the festival. Reaves Park has been the main venue for the festival since 2003. At this time in the city, there are numerous fairs, as well as theatrical, musical and gastronomic institutions and costumed parades and processions.

The most “national” of the national holidays of Oklahoma is the Red Festival. It is dedicated to the culture of the Choco Indians. The color of the clay soil of the city has a pronounced red color, so the aborigines often call themselves “red people.” Because of this feature, the festival got its name. It is held in late May. The territory of Fair Park is the central part of the entertainment.

It has acquired immense proportions in recent decades. Currently, about 100 Indian tribes take part in it. All participants of the festival demonstrate their gastronomic and craft skills to the audience, as well as compete in musical and dance talents. The festival starts with a colorful parade. It is attended by representatives of the tribes who arrived on holiday. Theater actors, musicians with national instruments and beautiful girls from the tribes in amazing national costumes, make the parade a fascinating spectacle.

During the Red Festival, there are exciting entertainments for children and young people. Exhibitions of sculptors and young artists are also an essential attribute of the holiday.

Active leisure and nightlife in Oklahoma

Every traveler who arrives in Oklahoma will find entertainment for every taste. Visiting the local zoo Oklahoma City Zoo will be interesting for tourists with children. Inhabitants of the zoo are rhinoceroses, leisurely elephants, meerkats, more than ten species of monkeys, colorful parrots and formidable tigers. A large children’s play area is equipped on the territory of the zoo and includes various sites and attractions. Visitors to the zoo after a walk through the vast enclosures can move to a room with terrariums.

Frontier City can rightly be called the most famous amusement park. This is a large-scale center with slides, fountains, sports fields and carousels. The park is equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers and is considered an excellent area for a relaxing holiday. A variety of park rides will please his small visitors who can ride here on a children’s tram, stroll through the beautiful avenues of the park or enjoy special treats at one of their local coffee houses.

A pleasant surprise awaits in Oklahoma lovers of outdoor recreation. The city has many beautiful parks and gardens. Myriad Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden is worth a visit on a free day. It houses an extensive collection of flowers and exotic plants. In the garden, there is a pavilion of cacti. The latter is exceptionally beautiful during flowering. Also in Myriad Botanical Gardens, there is a separate area with ornamental flowers and medicinal plants. In addition to them, the garden is decorated with beautiful fountains with unusual sculptural compositions, making your walk even more exciting and pleasant.

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Park Martin Park Nature Center is perfect for hiking. It differs in many colors and plants, as well as the diversity of its inhabitants. There is a small pond with turtles. Also, during the walk, you can observe the frogs and lizards, as well as a vast number of birds. Earlywine Park will appeal to lovers of active pastime. In it, there is a famous fascinating aqua center. Visitors are available in the warmer months of the year with an outdoor pool and beautiful terraces for sunbathing.

For fans of nightly entertainment, it is necessary to allocate a pub McFinns, in which always plays pleasant music and serves delicious treats. In Oklahoma are also popular nightclubs Coyote Ugly Saloon and The Park.

Restaurants and Cafes Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has many bars and restaurants. Among them, guests are allocated hospitable and hospitable Spencers Smokehouse & BBQ. Here you will be offered a delicious barbecue. Dishes of different categories and directions are presented in the restaurant menu. The institution will enjoy both lovers of a hearty meal, and those who do not represent their vacation without music and dancing – a large playground is built in the hall at the disposal of visitors.

Restaurant Saturn Grill – no less favorite place in Oklahoma. The basis of his menu consists of sandwiches and a variety of salads, pizza, and pies, as well as exquisite and original desserts. Here, all visitors with young children will be offered a separate menu. You will definitely like local sweets and soft drinks.

The Old Chicago restaurant specializes in cooking Italian cuisine. Guests are offered to order several types of pasta and pizza. Also, Old Chicago has an excellent bar and a variety of beers and other beverages. In the morning, the restaurant serves a buffet breakfast. The institution is famous not only among the guests of the city but also among residents.

Restaurant Sinbad Mediterranean Cuisine is an excellent institution, offering its guests a unique entertainment program and a varied menu. Here, the cooks successfully cook traditional Greek, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines. A separate list is available for adherents of vegetarian food. A variety of entertainment is held in the restaurant in the evenings and include broadcast on a large plasma screen of sports, dance performances, performances by famous musicians and original parties.

Restaurant, The Basement Modern Diner, is notable among budget institutions. Its visitors are available a large selection of cold appetizers, salads, pizza, desserts, and drinks. Travelers remain the primary visitors to the restaurant. The institution is well located and serves as a great resting place after exhausting excursions.


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