Transformational Diplomacy: Condoleezza Rice Commencement Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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Diplomacy was started in 2005 and was implemented in January 2006 by the secretary of the United States Condoleezza Rice during a speech at Princeton University, based on a rhetorical analysis of her speech. Rice came up with the initiation to influence change within the state before influencing the neighbors. Transformational diplomacy is meant to bring people together and venture into partnership as well as to promote relevance democracy and sustainability. It was because of previous crises that were happening in the United States during the time of Bush the president of the United States. That is because when Bush was in power there were a lot of civil wars, terrorism, and local crimes. The purpose of this report is to focus on the relevance of democracy, regionalization to U.S foreign policy, and rightsizing.

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During the time of George Bush is when the Middle East war was in per which was meant to overthrow the tyrants from power and promote democracy by letting people vote for their leaders. Rice recognizes the threats that are affecting the country, including terrorism and diseases, thus suggesting that it is because of poor leadership and the only way forward is to bring change to the United States by employing new policy and using of right tools for implementation. 

During her speech, Rice said that transformational diplomacy was meant to regionalize foreign policy by first doing self-transformation. However, the big question emerged from her speech with people asking if diplomacy can change the world or not. The other question was if people are willing to practice the same in their countries or if they would see the policy as an interference in their system. Following her plan on transformational diplomacy, she focused on the transfer of people to strategic areas to promote invention and innovation in limited areas. The transformation was also meant to give an overview of the new director for foreign policy during the implementation. Regarding regionalizing foreign policy Rice explained the importance of diplomats spreading across the regions and offering assistance where possible to those facing challenges in life. Some of the recommendations she gave for regionalization were increasing the role played by diplomats, increasing foreign assistance to strengthen the state, promoting institutions in foreign countries, and lastly spending on HIV/AIDS drugs together with finding a strategy for the allied forces. 

When doing her speech she also touched on rightsizing and explained further its importance where she implied that it was meant to ensure that the government partnership with foreigners is of mutual benefit and would lead to more success in business trades with other powers. She also put forward that it was going to better the level of security in the United States as well as promote property protection when conducting the policy. Furthermore, it was going to fight against the terrorist act that has been a big problem for the country in and out. 

She also touched on confidence wherein in her remarks she pleaded with people to be confident in America’s system and hope for the best. In her remarks, she said, based on rhetorical analysis of her speech that America should be confident in her people, and the education system, and ready to host all kinds of people regardless of color. With this priority establishment, the country would be more innovative. While still doing her speech she also touched on international community justice, where she suggested that the way forward of protecting justice is by protecting the most vulnerable like the case of girls being raped. She went forward and said that people should not be scared and go silent when such acts happen. 

Lastly, transformation diplomacy is an effective policy that comes with high positivity. Rice’s policy brought a lot of change in America during the year 2006 and many changes were made like a reduction in wars.


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