Transportation and Education in Bangkok and Paris

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Bangkok and Paris are two of the most dreamed of cities around the world. Paris is thecapital city of France, while Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Bangkok attracts manytourists yearly, especially families on vacations. Similarly, Paris is the most popular city inFrance and is known to be very prestigious, with one of the highest touristic rates, usually visitedby couples. These cities appeal to tourists for their wonderful sights and historic artifacts. Whenit comes to transportation, many of the tourists tend to use different forms of transportation to getaround the city such as metro systems, taxis, busses, bicycles, etc. Transportation is a crucial stepto building an organized city and designing urban areas. It’s the system that controls how citizenshave capable mobility throughout the nation. Transportation is used by workers, tourists, citizens,and students to get from place to place. Just as crucial as transportation is, achieving a welleducational system is vital to any city on the globe. In regards of these two aspects, Bangkok and Paris could be quite different.

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Transportation in Paris and Bangkok: Transportation systems are essential to planning a well structured city, although, they aremore developed from place to place based on their economic environment. Bangkok is not awealthy city, therefore, designing this urban area was based on the most inexpensive approach,and not the most efficient and advanced. Paris on the other hand, is a very wealthy city, andurban planners choose the most systematic and “perfect” way to plan the transportation layoutbased on their city’s surroundings to further enhance it and make it easier for citizens and touriststo move around. Moreover, the transportation options in Bangkok are cycling, MRT trains,busses, water transport, Tuk Tuk, motorcycle taxi and last but not least, public transportation. Allof these options do not guarantee 100% cleanliness and safety. In contrast, transportation optionsin Paris would have to be busses, taxis, RER express trains, and metro systems which are usedregularly and are preferred by citizens considering their cleanliness and their respectableappearance.

Education in Paris and Bangkok: It is crucial for cities to create well educational systems to ensure a bright future for theirstudents and young citizens. Education advance levels change throughout different countries. Education in Bangkok is weak and overwhelming. Students from kindergarten up to ninth grade!2obtain free schooling, and many high school students receive a lack of education due to povertyand distress of money. In contrast, Paris has some of the most top-rated school facilities aroundthe world, with many proper and compelling private schools.

Their close to flawless teachingtechniques is admired by many. In terms of school locations, There is an abundance is schools inBangkok, reaching about 71 international schools authorizes students living from all overBangkok to find a close school within a 2 mile radius. With that said, since Paris is a city thatattracts many tourists, there aren't as many schools as there should be. Most schooling systemsfound in Paris are universities, while the schools are sparse. An ordinary student would have tospend around 30-50 minutes going to school daily.


As stated above, Paris and Bangkok share many differences surrounding their transportationand educational systems. Paris is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, while Bangkok isknown to be quite poor. Both cities have beautiful views and are amazing experiences. Paris and Bangkok are immensely different, but are just as amusing. Bangkok might be a poor andsomewhat unstable city, but I would personally recommend spending a vacation there.

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