Travelling and What Excites Your Intellectual Curiosity

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Intellectual Curiosity Unleashed: The Impact of Traveling
  • Problem-Solving Prowess: Traveling and Self-Validation
  • Communication Mastery Excites Curiosity
  • Personal Transformation: Curiosity to Discover and Grow
  • Conclusion


Finding a great personal validation of life is not easy, and some might even spend the whole lifetime for it. Compared to the past, many people lost their childhood dream, meaning of life, and time, considering philosophy in this systemized society because all the people join in the natural competition in order to survive or have a better and stable life in this modern society system. Everyone has a dream. Some might want to achieve financial success, and others might crave for inner peace or whatever can bring them happiness. But, if we make decisions after understanding crucially important meanings somewhere in life, the future life will be full of precious stories as in a happy ending movie. The greatest Philosopher Socrates left a famous quote about life: 'To find yourself, think for yourself.” However, Socrates did not mention what to think about because this is something that we need to find out ourselves in this lifetime. Traveling is the best teacher who never gives you a certain answer, but the teacher always asks a number of questions. In the process of solving the questions, you will gradually be able to see another meaning to life. Travel is the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn that you are different, that you can fulfill your dreams no matter how big they are. Traveling is what excites your intellectual curiosity. Traveling allows people to extend their sense of value because their understanding of the world expands, so intellectual curiosity grows, problem-solving skills are enhanced, and self-expression and communication skills are improved.

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Intellectual Curiosity Unleashed: The Impact of Traveling

Traveling stimulates one’s curiosity, and it improves overall quality of life. Many people are living in their routine of living, so they do not often have enough chances to generate curiosity in life. In addition, One’s life is normally limited to a certain teritory since a person can’t live at two places at the same time. Therefore, the group of people in a community naturally share a common life sense, which locks interchanging new idea in order to keep the rule of society. However, traveling to a foreign country allows people to expand their dimension of thinking. Obviously, reasoning is the natural step that helps human receive new ideas. Therefore, receiving new concepts of idea from locals and meeting more various people out of limited personal lifestyle area can gradually create a lot of new self-questions, and the questions are often linked to boosting cognitive and mental development in the process of reasoning. The famous Theoretical Physicist, Albert Einstein argued, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality.” Thus, since creating curiosity is crucial to find the meaning of personal philosophy, traveling to foreign country is deeply involved in finding self-validation because people are going to observe foreign life that is far from their original culture, and it generates a great number of self-questions that can improve one’s level of maturity. In addition, the curiosity that is obtained from traveling can upgrade one’s life quality in positive way. Indeed, trying to find the reason for curiosity is one of human instincts that have designed to survive for a long history. During the process of solving questions, people can gain more chances to ask help to others in nature, so it markedly improves social skills. For example, In an educational interview with Dr. Paul Kim, the Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, argues that students who have more curiosity tend to achieve successful life because they make more social interaction with others to satisfy curiosity. Consequently, people who have more intellectual curiosity tend to enjoy their life more because motivation from curiosity leads people into a lot of adventures in social life. Another example, In the book “Handbook of Positive Psychology by Oxford University” the author Kashdan, a scientist, public speaker, and professor of psychology at George Mason University, States, “The advantages of being curious in social relationships, links between intellectual curiosity and elements of well-being, and how, under certain conditions, curiosity can be a profound source of strength. As a result, having travel to foreign country can contribute to overall well-beingness because obtained ability of creating curiosity from traveling allows people to have more chance to enhance their interest in life and social skills.

Problem-Solving Prowess: Traveling and Self-Validation

Traveling helps us to develop problem-solving skills which helps to define self-validation and keep mental health. In ordinary life, improving problem solving skills is difficult because many people repeat their professional skills in a few particular fields in this modern world society. To emphasize, In the article “Problem Solving and Decision Making”, the author McNamara, MBA, PhD, Authenticity Consulting, LLC, mentioned, “Much of what people do is solve problems and make decisions. Often, they are 'under the gun', stressed and very short for time. Consequently, when they encounter a new problem or decision they must make, they react with a decision that seemed to work before.” As a result, many people naturally live in their life formula that is designed for current rather than development. However, traveling supports people to have more opportunity of improving problem-solving skills that is closely related to quality of life in various situations. In fact, the life of a traveler is filled by having many problems and making decisions such as asking help for advices from local people, managing value, and negotiating skills. So, travelers are more often required to manage limited resources such as money and time in unexpected situations, so they have more opportunity to make reasoning practice in order to make rational decision for measuring values in traveling. Thus, in other words, traveling allows people to obtain more situations of deciding in their validation. Furthermore, problem-solving skills help to keep positive mentality because people who have great problem-solving skills tend to be more confident in various fields, and the obtained confidence often becomes the bridge to the more experiences in which people can find another meaningfulness of life. For example, from the article “Wellness Module : Problem-solving,” Canadian Mental Health Association has accounted, “Problems that don’t go away can take a toll on our well-being. Left unsolved, a small problem can become a big problem. We end up feeling frustrated, stressed or maybe even depressed and hopeless. Problem-solving have a number of benefits such as better functioning at work, more satisfying relationships, and higher self-esteem. Therefore, Traveling allows people to gain problem-solving skills, and the skills are deeply linked into our well-beingness.

Communication Mastery Excites Curiosity

Meeting many different and various people from one’s origin supports people to improve their communication skills. Communication is not limited only at language skills. It’s generally defined as exchanging of information. Because information has a significant impact for traveling in the new world, travels often face to have conversations with local people over the language. Moreover, since same behaviors, similar facial expressions, and even two identical words could have opposite meanings from one culture to another, understanding and making a guess for others’ intention without perfect elements of communication can enhance both the ability of giving information in a consciousness way and the receiving information skills. For example, In the academic article “Intercultural communication”, the author Anna Jones, professor in Education, Melbourne University, States, “There is also the possibility of misunderstandings occurring between people when they do not share a common language. However, sharing a common language does not always guarantee understanding. Even speakers of the same language do not have exactly the same understanding of the meanings of words.” Likewise, crossing-cultural communication enhances the ability of catching others’ intention, so having more practice of communicating with foreign people can lead travelers to become great speakers and listeners. Improving communication skills is priceless because they are often involved in level of happiness that has significant impact on finding self-validation in life. For instance, In the academic article “Meaningful Conversation May Be Key To Happiness”, the author Gerry Everding says, “Outgoing, gregarious people who fill their lives with deep, meaningful conversations may have found at least one key to a happier life, suggests research from Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Arizona”(Everding). Therefore, having travel allows travelers to gain deeper communication skills that support great relationships in meaningful conversation, and it tremendously affects the level of happiness. Finding personal validation means finding personal meaning of happiness because values depend on emotion. Consequently, traveling to foreign country helps people to have inner communication skills which raise level of one’s overall happiness

Personal Transformation: Curiosity to Discover and Grow


Traveling shapes our personality and helps us to dare. In the first place to dare to change ourselves, to discover our passions and follow our path no matter others may tell us or may think about us. As we travel we can learn the best lessons from life. From the trips we make, we can return carrying all kinds of riches in mind. Travel can change the way we look at people and how seriously we take life and everything that happens around us. As we travel, we start to open our eyes better and if we want and can, we find that something that never appears in books or is told at school.

The journey means to experience, to accept, to know. Accepting that people are different and precisely this difference between us is what make us go further and further away. We get to learn that we are the first persons we need to rely on. When we are young we are told that we grow and wait. Wait for our life to change in good, tomorrow of sometime in the future. We always live with the illusion that something wonderful is awaiting us. If now is bad, tomorrow will be better. And tomorrow could be great if we don’t sit and wait. Traveling can teach that is up to us to find solutions, make decisions for ourselves, move on and no longer live with the illusion that someone else can make our life more beautiful.

When we travel we can better discover the fears that we carry within us. We discover our passions and enthusiasm for what we want from life. Also it stops us from judging people, putting labels and fitting them in patterns according to our own livings, feelings, rules or ideas.


To Sum up, traveling can be a great stepping-stone that improves intellectual curiosity, problem-solving skills, communication skills and how we see ourselves and the people around us, so these important factors will gradually bring the right answers to our life.

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