Treatment of Animals and Why Should We Protect Endangered Species

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Endangered species are species who have only a few living organisms left in its population. Over the past years several species, such as animals and plants have been dying and becoming endangered due to being killed by harmful species and deadly resources in their society, their environment. Endangered species should be saved from these harmful conditions because they will become extinct and their well-being is just as significant as any other species in the world and benefits to our society. Based on research from the “World Wildlife” studies have shown a huge increase in the number of animals who has become endangered or even extinct over the past 10 years. Based on the data it states over the past 10 years over 10,000 animals have become endangered or even extinct. One of the most recent examples of an endangered species is the (Panthera Tigris) formally known to people as the tiger. The tiger has recently become endangered due to being hunted and killed by humans and other organisms for the use of its fur and other resources. Therefor causing a significant decrease in the tiger population leaving only a few of them left in the world. 

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The reason for these animals and other organism becoming endangered or extinct is because of species like humans and other dangerous organisms killing animals and using them for their own special needs without any punishment or consequences. Cathleen O’Grady is a contributing science reporter for Ars Technica. In the following viewpoint, O’Grady examines the relationship between the amount of funding allocated to a species on the endangered list and the success of the recovery efforts for that species. She argues that, because some species receive a surplus of funds while others receive very little, the way that funding is distributed needs to change. In his article he supports the government's argument of endangered species costing too much money. In the past several animals died because there were no laws or rules to protect them from being killed or harmed by other organisms so several of them became extinct. Several acts and laws have been committed to protect animals and prevent them from endangerment such as the Endangered Species act in 1973 which gave animals the freedom and protection for their species and their habitat. Since then several new laws have been made to ensure the safety and protection of animals. 

Places like zoos and other animal facilities have been a sanctuary for animals for years until recently proven by scientists to violate the freedom of animals by treating some of them cruel and killing them for their own use. The government has created new and stricter laws to prevent deadly organisms and resources from violating the freedom of animals and their environment. Recently government and other politics have debated whether the cost of keeping these animals safe from endangerment is worth all this money or not. Government argues that saving animals is not worth all this money, their spending to keep animals safe because they feel that animals has no benefit to humans or society and believe they shouldn’t continue paying a lot of money to protect the safety of animals. However, politics and scientists argue that keeping animals safe is worth because animals provides several benefits such as foods, dairy, clothing, and all the other natural resources that we use in our society every day. Besides providing naturals resources, animals help humans with a lot of other task in their everyday life such as protecting them and taking care of them for example a dog can help guide a person who is blind or disabled. However, animals, aren’t the only species who are affected by endangerment, plants and trees are very important species that contributes to our society and should be saved from extinction. 

Plants provide a lot of the necessities we used everyday in order to live such as providing humans with oxygen, and agricultural opportunities. Plants are killed everyday in our society and are slowly becoming endangered because the expose to harmful chemicals like pollution, insect spray, and other deadly resources. Trees are made to preserve the life of nature and provide human with the ability to breathe and without trees it wouldn’t be possible. Trees gives human s and animals the ability to function and do a lot of things they do today and without trees it would be hard to live. Trees play an important role in several animal’s lives, such as providing a habitat for birds and other animals who live in a forest or other tree like habitats. Saving trees is very important because they provide several opportunities for all organisms of life from humans all the way animals to insects. 

As a result, every species life should be treated equal because they all help each other and equally contributes to our society, for example we give plants and trees, carbon dioxide and they give humans oxygen in return. Every species has a specific role in our system of society for example, a human’s role is to take care of animals, and plants, by providing the resources needed for them to live. An animal’s and plant's role is to give humans the resources needed in order to do work and other things. So if these species are endangered or extinct then they will no longer be able to contribute nor provide the necessities humans and other organism need in order to live and have a functional life. In conclusion endangered species should be saved because without them the population of species in the world would be erased permanently and decreases the amount of food and other natural resources that is produced. 

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