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Trends In Spice Blends And Seasonings Of This Year

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This report reveals the trends for 2018 through the surveys and analyses done by key global players of the spice market. The The key player of the sector, Mc Cormick, has gone for an annual report on flavor trends 2018. It has revealed the flavor forecast of how casual, adventurous cravings of how people are eating across the globe today. Concentrating on the spice and seasonings rack, the East African spice blends were found to gear up in the 2018 market.The East African cuisine is a treasure of flavors. The forecast has predicted for a hike in the signature seasonings like Tanzanian BBQ, Ethiopian Berbere this year. Talking about Ethiopian seasonings, its most popular seasonings contain an array of spices like paprika, all spice, coriander, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and red pepper. It has hot, sweet and citrusy flavor adds richness to meats, soups, stews, lentils and vegetables.

While the BBQs add bold flavors also acting as marinades. The report has also underlined the upcoming trend of Japanese seasoning named Furikake. The Furikake seasoning is considered to be the authentic and essential part of Japanese cuisines. This coarse mixture of sesame, seaweed, dried seafood, sugar and salt offers subtle, sweet and umami flavors throughout. It is been sprinkled on almost every dish been made there. A recent article by Donna Berry of Food Business News has spoken about the smoky flavors. The predictions reveal authentic smoke flavors are making people fall for it. Regardless of smoke and form, there’s no denying that smoky foods are trending. The leading player of commercial smoky flavors Red arrow’s growth is been a prominent evidence for the above statement. The interests for wood smoky flavors would add an extra delightness to seasonings and spice blends as each tree wood has its own characteristics. Already being available in variety of forms, this year it is expected to explore very exotic ones and widen its use throughout all foods.

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The challenge of understanding when to use one over the another is needed. But there are inevitably snags in their application to seasonings that might be frustrating but this year it is moving ahead with trial and error of sorts. Though many seasoning companies already have smoked spice blends like smoked garlic powder this upcoming crave for smoky flavors among consumers will make them think beyond the usual with the magic of these flavors. A flurry of flavor activity has been taken place in the ready-to- eat cereal category. Yet seasoning formulators could be more creative. Currently most of the cereals are been flavored with range of sweet flavors that include fruits, nuts. A thought can be given on combination of sweet and heat for cereals like say chili peppers with honey. Also, it is found recently that non- traditional spices and savory herb flavors are beginning to appear on the cereal seasoning racks. These flavors can include ginger, rosemary, basil. Added that, fruity flavors may hook up with other flavors as well especially spices. And this could add a different dimension to the seasonings and flavoring sector. I obviously think, pairing spicy flavor with something familiar may be the best way to introduce consumers to a new concept. Talking about sweet heat combinations, I would think of apricot, chili peppers and honey or pink peppercorns with pistachios. These kinds of combined flavor concept would definitely lead to the growth of cereal category.


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