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Tricks to Make a Room Look Greater

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Some people are overwhelmed in the smallest rooms. We all aspire to have a large and spacious room, almost a movie, but when we hit the reality of our home we realize that it does not meet our expectations. You may even feel like you are in a zulo, which will prevent you from enjoying your stay. Feeling comfortable in it is essential for our day to day, so we can resort to a series of tricks to make the room get bigger thanks to the perspective.

How to make my room bigger?

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Follow these tips to make your room look bigger without the need for works.


The first aspect you should think about is the colors, and you will do it starting from that premise that says light colors give a greater sense of space, while dark ones tend to make them smaller. The room will always have the same size, but if you use a white, yellow, gray or light blue color you will always have the feeling that it is bigger. To accentuate the contrast you can paint the corridor in a dark color, so that it seems narrower than it really is.

The thing does not end in the use of light tones or pastel for the wall, you can use similar tones in the cushions, curtains or chairs that are in the room to accentuate that perception of depth to space. We can also achieve that optical effect of amplitude and depth with the prints on canvas, which combine perfectly with the mosaics or prints on the wall, another interesting way to paint our room to make it look more spacious.

The furniture

Once we have painted the room, we have to furnish it. The decoration of the bedroom is key if we want to pretend that there is more space. To make the most of the space, the best thing you can do is place a sofa under the bed or a sofa that opens to keep things underneath and thus do without a closet that will steal enough space. In this sense we can not ignore the built-in wardrobes, a very interesting option since it allows us to enjoy a closet without losing a single square centimeter of surface.

The location of the furniture is also very important. A common mistake is to stick the bed or the sofa to the wall with the belief that this way we will gain space, when in fact what we do is accentuate that feeling of smallness. On the other hand, if we place the furniture in a triangle shape, so that there is space on both sides, the sense of spaciousness will be much greater, and we will have more space to move, place a bedside table next to the bed, etc.

The light

The third and last factor that will make the difference between a room that looks large and wide and a room that gives the feeling of smallness and claustrophobia is light. One element to keep in mind is glass, which reflects light and widens the sense of width. That is why we can put a mirror in our room or other objects of this material, such as a table. Mirrors must be placed strategically, although you can also take advantage of mirrored furniture doors such as closets.

A good distribution of furniture and a decoration not overloaded will allow natural light to enter your room, offering that feeling of space. Another option is to play with the curtains, light curtains and little opaque that let in the light. However, the secret lies in the visual effect that is achieved by extending the bar of the curtains a little beyond the window frames, which allows greater light input. Your subconscious will believe that the window, and therefore the room, is larger.

If you want to extrapolate the feeling of greater breadth to the rest of the home, we recommend you to know the best tricks to gain more meters at home without work and start becoming a professional decoration


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