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Triton Investment Club, Its Benefits, Goals & Community Involvement

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Triton Investment Club (TI), formerly known as the Student Investment Club, was established in 2006. According to Senior Vice President William Sablan, the organization had changed their name from Student Investment Club to Triton Investment Club just last year because they wanted to rebrand themselves to sound more professional since they thought “Student Investment Club” sounded too juvenile. The club’s main purpose and mission are to provide a practicum to the University of Guam’s School of Business and Public Administration BBA Finance and Economics concentration and to promote financial literacy and fiduciary studies within our island community. In other words, TI can serve as the beginning for those who are planning on or are currently under the Finance and Economic concentration. They offer many opportunities for students to be able to network with different individuals and companies that will be purposeful for future endeavors.

Officers and Members

As of Fall 2018, the club currently has seven officers as well as one main advisor, Dr. Leila Kabigting. The president is Josiah Lanuza, senior vice president is William Sablan and vice president of finance is Dylan Lee. Furthermore, vice president of record is Marcie Cruz, vice president of communications is Mylisa Gillan, vice president of activities is Arvin Nisperious, and vice president of investments is Amery Madeloso. The club currently has about 20 to 30 members.

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Opportunities and Benefits

Two main opportunities Triton Investments offers include gaining experience and networking. Networking is very important when it comes to the business field. Senior Vice President William Sablan mentioned that with networking, he was offered a shadowing opportunity with a financial advisor. In addition, former members are seen working for places that they have networked with through joining the organization. With the different opportunities offered when joining the organization, you are able to list down your experience onto your resume which shows employers you took an extra step to join a club. Other members have become Chartered Financial Analysts with the help from networking through Triton Investment Club.


Triton Investment’s main goal is to be able to prepare students to understand the different areas of finance in order to be prepared for future financial decision making. By offering different opportunities and events for members, they are able to have first-hand experience dealing with the financial area such as investing. As for TI’s investment goal, they are hoping to successfully receive a 40% return in investments which is about $20,000 in profit. As of right now, they have made $12,000 in profit which is a 30% return in investments.

Community Involvement

The organization works with a non-profit organization called Teach Money. Teach Money goes to elementary, middle, and high schools and host stock market games. The schools have a virtual amount of money and try to invest in real stock markets. The goal of the game is to have the highest profit. Schools often request for TI to help teach the students how to properly invest in stocks.


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