Troubleshooting Information Systems at Royal Hotel

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Troubleshooting Information Systems at Royal Hotel

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Troubleshooting Information Systems at Royal Hotel

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  1. Case overview
  2. Discussion Question Answers
  3. Alternatives analysis
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

Case Over view: This case study is intended to find out why the implemented project failed. Many advantages are discussed in the essay regarding proposed espresso software solution. This case can see as unable to differentiate between Information technology and information system which resulted in failure in whole project. In this case study drawbacks are discussed in Information system view. Namely people, process, Information Technology and Structure. Objective in this case review is to identify problems and proposes alternative solutions and study Systemic Effects in Information Systems.

Discussion Question Answers: Question1.) Despite having relatively little specific information about why the system failed, what do you think are the main reasons for such failure? Blake does not have any experience he may be assisted with an experienced worker major thing is Blake does not make differentiation in Information System and Information Technology which resulted in systemic effect to effect other components. It is an second order change effecting people, IT and process.

IT: the software used may have bugs which make it frequent crash in program. Technician had to scan barcode so the device must be portable and problems regarding battery backup should be answered without putting extra weight and burden to the user. Issues like bad user interface and missing functionalities can be major issue which leads end user to stop using the product.

Process: Earlier workers used to wait till completion of shift to report problems but now can report immediately through phone. With sidekick and bar code system maintenance workers are being tracked now and performance evaluations are done by managers workers may not but to work in their own pace. There is no representative from Espresso Company or a responsible member from hotel or from FC company to assist and oversee the conversion process to be smooth.

Structure: using espresso makes everyone a user and some workers it is outside of their intended job. For a room service worker it is not their job to report any complaints in rooms unless they are provided with an incentives. Managers should introduces appropriate incentives for workers to work effectively.

People: Blake went ahead with listening to general and functional managers without taking input from workers who are also part of system. Training given by espresso may be basic and users lack needed training. It is also possible many workers do not have sufficient technical skills to operate and it will make them to avoid using device. As espresso supports few languages worker may not find their language it makes them to difficult to use.

Question2.) How could you fix these problems?

Main issue is with it is not an Information System oriented transformation which gives success but it is an IT centered. As a result of Systemic Effect which states that change in one component effect other components in some way. When IT alone is changed alone it effects how process, people, structure components works requires having a BPR kind of analysis. For example if workers are given incentives it encourages them to work. Conducting timely training sessions will help the workers to get used to the new software application. Changing to old paper pen method is a least priority option to make. Generally most companies do a beta version of program before implementing, to study potential drawbacks and fix them when project is fully deployed. At least Blake should provide training and support to managers and workers as he is one who recommended Espresso software. Espresso software records all transition log Blake should work with that log to

Question3.) Reflecting on this experience, what do you think where the main mistakes, if any, that Blake made in handling the engagement? Blake changed existing information systems IT component without consideration systemic effect on other components. Blake taken decision alone and only presented to executive board and failed to take response from end users who are the ultimate users. As Blake find out that Jake left after completion of his internship at least he should communicate with Blake that system has failed to work. Blake should have find out that Jake is not a person to take that project.

Alternatives analysis: Analysis 1: Espresso may not be solution. Using better software application chosen with feedback from end users including workers and managers to satisfy workers requirements like if language is the main problem in espresso so new software with features of voice input in that particular language will be do the requirement and it can be operated by worker without require much special training. It can eliminate costs like training required. Analysis2: Blake mentions GM is old school type person and says he spent lot of money GM may not have been actively taking part in new project because of not familiar with technology it is unlikely that any future projects would be difficult unless workers at important positons like GM who are old fashioned should be replaced them with young ones who are tech savvy may be that is an option.

Conclusion: Information system and information technology are different entities. Systemic effect leads to project failure when one of the component is changed.


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