True Might: the Pen Or the the Sword


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Any problem can be resolved in different ways, some may choose words while others, actions. It is often discussed whether the pen is mightier or the sword, They can not be compared fairly because different circumstances require different methods. Hence, I believe that neither the pen nor the sword is the mightiest but rather the knowledge and understanding of the two are what gives us true might.

The pen in our context refers to the power of words to influence others. It has been used for decades and it will be for centuries to come because words are powerful. Words help us imagine someone else’s perspective, words help us remember what we have forgotten, words bring out feelings from within people that even they may not be aware of.

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The art of communication is essential to us human beings. Not only does it include lectures or speeches delivered to move a large number of audiences but also Books, both new and old. They teach us about the tragedies of the past so we may learn from our mistakes and they deliver messages, feelings, information to a great variety of people far and wide.

Time and time again, we have witnessed that you can control people’s actions but not their wills. The efficiency of a group of people depends directly on their morale and interest.

An uninterested student can listen but not learn no matter how much he is punished, but if a teacher takes the time to explain it gently, this gesture may cause interest to blossom, truly opening his eyes and ears to the knowledge he seeks.

An annexed nation may do as the new leader commands but they never stay under control for long. It is always a rebellion waiting to be sparked because people believed they have been wronged and no amount of violence can change their minds because the desire for freedom is stronger than their fears. This is why dictatorships and monarchies are failing around the world and democracy is the most common form of government because those leaders can use the power of the pen, the power of knowledge to convince the nation that they can help them, whether they do or not is besides the case.

Negotiation is a key element of peace so if we won’t achieve true peace in the world, we must learn to harness the pen and let our words resonate throughout the world. The pen can change the world, one word at a time.

The Sword represents Violence, action, and the use of force to coerce others. Despite popular belief, it is also an essential part for all of us to learn since actions do what words cannot. Sometimes the situation calls for an immediate response, something you can assure people with.

Words may create interest but sometimes actions are needed to back them up to truly change someone’s mind. We live in a world where not everything is how it should be. The effect of words is significant but slow, thus sometimes when you need to act instantaneously, use the power of the Sword.

There have been many wars in history which resulted in horrifying losses for both sides which could have been avoided if they took up the sword. Thousands of innocent civilians lose their lives while peace negotiations take place and arguments happen. Such was the case in WW 2 where Nazi Germany agreed to things then backed out and continued to spread chaos and anguish throughout Europe.

Crimes take place all around the world and while we can not stop them, the only thing keeping them from taking over society is fear. This fear is due to the sword. The actions and consequences of crime cause seeds of fear to grow in the minds of potential criminals and yet the sword is why people can sleep soundly at night since they have faith that the fear will be enough to deter wrongdoers.

Words are powerful but they hold no real power. One can declare something with all of their might but without sufficient resources or strength or proof to defend their claim, it is dismissible. Actions create laws, create examples, create events that cannot be ignored.

In our world, we must master both the pen and the sword. The pen will convince and calm, it will give us peace. The sword will be sturdy and strong, It will protect that peace. Only by creating the perfect balance between these two and understanding how they synergize, can we truly have an impact on others which will stay in their hearts and their minds. 

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