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Trumo's Wall with the Us-mexico Border

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As we all know that President Trump is really focused on getting a US-Mexico border, but he is actually not aware of the consequence of getting the border made. Scientists Pan America have gathered together and have decided to raise a voice so that president Trump realizes that wildlife will be harmed due to the US-Mexico border.

If a physical barrier is made between these two countries. It will end up spoiling and destroying the unique habitat, it will also stop the migration of animals, and maybe drive them into getting extinct. The area around the borders which is also known as the borderlands is home for about 1,500 plants and animal species. Basically this area has covered the entire biologically diverse area. The animals that are under the radar are Mexican grey wolves, jaguars and Sonoran pronghorns.

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Stanford University conservation biologist professor Paul Ehrlich in a paper published in the journal known as BioScience stated that, if a work of construction is taking place especially on a large scale then there are chances of wildlife getting harmed and facing extinction. In this paper they have called all the scientists so that they can join and discuss this issue. Then later on he stated that, no matter where ever a construction is about to take place or is going on the wildlife suffers, and constructing a border that too this long is actually a cruelty against the nature.

About 3000 scientists have got together and have decided to make sure that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) definitely follows the environmental laws when constructing border walls. DHS, in the year of 2005 was given the authority of waving away laws like the Endangered species law, basically the stuff that slowed down the construction of border fences. They also requested the DHS that, if the barrier is made it should be constructed in a way that the animals are protected. Like making fences in a way that the animals can pass through them easily.

This could include fences that allow animals to pass through where possible and purchasing replacement habitat for animals when habitat destruction cannot be avoided. An ecologist at Oregon State University Professor William Ripple stated that the border is spread across 3,200 kilometers and it goes through places like desert, forest, scrublands mountain ranges. These places are important habitats when it comes to wildlife, and they are filled with various kinds of biological diversity. Later o he concluded that the leaders listen to this message and do something for conserving them.


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