Trust as a Vital Ingredient for Successful Marketing


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Earlier researchers in the field of business have suggested that trust is a vital ingredient for successful marketing. Parallel to other research areas, marketing researchers conceptualize trust or focus on trust as a belief or behavior.

The previous work has recognized that the belief and behavior of the individual depend on trust. Furthermore, Esmaili, Desa, Moradi and Hemmati (2011) have indicated that trust is an important factor that helps to stimulate consumer behavior towards the purchase of products or services online, supporting the behavioral concept of trust. Since trust has been previously defined as “the willingness to trust another party in which a person has confidence, this underlines the intention of behavior”. The role of trust as a moderator can be described in two ways. First, Fishburn (1989) and Friedman (1952) suggest that a decision maker chooses uncertain and risky options when assessing the predictive value of behavioral behavioral income, which means that he evaluates the outcome of future behavior. As a result, trust also influences how one interprets past or present actions of the other party, and the incentives underlying actions. Secondly, Blau (1964) suggested that people participate in a transaction they consider to be managed fairly. This conceptualization of trust as a belief focuses on trust. Therefore, there is an expectation about the outcome of the behavior that was adopted in an uncertain situation.

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This research follows the conceptualization of expectation of trust distinguishes between expectations and behavioral intentions and offers the opportunity to study trust processes as a moderating variable between site credibility, website quality, online security protection and post-service sale as IV and intention to purchase online as DV. Online purchases are businesses that require a high degree of trust because they involve private and confidential personal information. In reviewing the literature on the moderating role of trust in the intention to buy online, it seemed that no precise studies existed in this context, most of the previous research uses trust as a mediator. However, there are some studies that examine the influence of trust as a moderator in different areas. For example, a study by Walz and Celuch (2010) investigated the effect of moderation of trust in the relationship between the perceived quality of the retailer’s recommendation on the behavior of consumer support and the level of consumer confidence in the seller. The result showed an important role of trust in the relationship between IV and DV. Furthermore, a survey conducted by Parayitam (2005) studied the moderating effect of trust in the relationship between conflict and decision. The result revealed that trust is an effective moderator between the conflict and the final decision. In addition, a study examined the effect of moderation of trust in the relationship between intention to use banking services and Internet expenses in the use of banking services, perceived ease of use, perceived utility, attitude towards use of banking and social influence services. The study used data collected from 237 respondents. The result demonstrated the influence of the role of trust as moderator in the relationship between the intention to use banking services and social influence. Trust also works as a moderator along with other variables. For example, a study examined the moderating role of trust and social assistance in the relationship between perceived organizational policy and job satisfaction, organizational commitment and stress. The discovery revealed the vital effect of trust as moderator between variables IV and DV.

Generally, trust is a key factor in many social interactions that imply dependence and uncertainty. Online purchases are not only described by ambiguity, but are also described as vulnerable to crisis, lack of control and exposure to financial difficulties or failure to pay debts. All these factors have increased the important role of risk and confidence in online purchases.

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