Tuesdays with Morrie Life Lessons by Mitch Albom

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Don’t worry about things you can’t change.” Morrie couldn’t change the fact that he was dying. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, this book took me on an emotional adventure. The life lessons that were taught in the book about accepting death, yourself, and others I could apply easily to my life as I’ve struggled with those in the past.

This book of Tuesdays With Morrie Life Lessons written by Mitch Albom really drags you into their relationship and gets very personal with you, by the end of the book you feel as if you lived this story with them. Personally I have several feelings about this book, it was amazingly well written and so well detailed… the only reason I am so upset with it is because of how sad it made me and how I felt this story on such a real emotional level.

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The book starts with easing you into the disease, it tells you kind of what it is and what the end result of ALS is. Morrie has such a strong heart and such a wise mind throughout the book you feel as if you’re his student. Morrie really tries to get the point across that death and dying isn’t something to be embarrassed about its something to come to peace with and accept. “Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do.” (Albom 18). He is always teaching real world lessons no sugarcoating anything, never being blunt about anything he is very straight forward with the points he is trying to get across to Mitch and us readers. Morrie has really come to terms with the fact that he’s dying early on in the book. The book says early on “He was intent on proving that the word ‘dying’ was not synonymous with ‘useless.” He could’ve made the choice to shrivel up at home and quicken up the process when he found out he was dying but he chose to not let the disease absorb him and he chose to live.

Morrie had a very important lesson in the book which was about choosing to live. He says several times “once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” (Albom 82). I took this very seriously because it made me think. What am I doing if I’m not happy, what is a job and making money if you are nott happy? This made me think of everything I think about on a daily basis like checking social media when I could be at a park or with family and friends. Or with my boyfriend. It’s very eye opening to what I am missing out on and what I have been missing out on, and I am only 14. So if an adult read this book I can’t even imagine everything they’d realize. How unhappy most are. Morrie not just opened Mitch’s eyes. He opened all of ours.

To be completely honest I didn’t know that this book was a true story at first, once I realized it was it touched me even more. Morrie had a connection with Mitch like no other, Mitch somewhat looked to him like a father, though he never said he did I felt it. Mitch took care of Morrie, he was there every Tuesday, the fact he could make a dying man look forward to something every week is beautiful to me. It just showed that yes, we will all die eventually, but until then we need to live every second to the fullest. Not be so involved in technology as I’ve always been. Most of the world is so involved in technology these days that our generation is busy keeping up with any social media than going outside and living. Seeing the things we wanna see. Doing the things we wanna do before that day comes. This book just showed me how much I’m missing out on by choosing to let stereotypes or judgmental people or technology stand in my way.

All in all as I’ve been saying throughout this entire essay, this book showed me so much. It gave me so many lessons to hold onto, to share with loved ones and friends. This book showed me the true importance of many things in my life. Today and tomorrow, and to all the days that come, I choose to live…as Morrie would want us to do.   

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