Tuesdays with Morrie: Money Don't Buy Happiness Or Contentment

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Every person has different standard or perspective of life; they live in different ways and have different thoughts of one thing whether it is good or bad. However, in our life there is one thing that has huge influence, money. Money is not everything to you, but money is important. In the society, the competition between each other is fierce because people want to survive. But do we live for money? No, that is what most people think, but don’t we live for money in life? If you do not have money, you cannot have a place to stand or survive in the society. So what is money? Money can give us satisfied but also nervous at the same time. But is money really universal? Or makes people happy? Not really. Of course, you can own lots of stuffs once you are wealthy, and having a better life or family base on physically. Money is the requirement to possess a happy life, but money does not mean happy. You can be cash rich, but asset poor. Physically happy does not make you mentally happy at all because human cannot live without spiritual life. From Tuesday with Morrie, it states “Their wealth did not buy them happiness or contentment.” (Albom 32) this represents that no matter how wealthy you are, there is still something that money cannot buy, for example, relationships, interests.

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From Tuesday with Morrie, we can see Mitch goes to professor Morrie’s house every Tuesday and discusses some difficulties and doubts in life, which included death, love, family, marriage, and so on …, and Mitch gradually realize the fame and wealth that he has been pursuing is not as value as love, so that he finds his love back that almost pass away. We sometimes are really similar to Mitch, always put the schedule full and pursue the physical desire, which will never satisfy, instead of giving some times to your love or family. And that is going to form a loop, no matter how fast you run; you will always go back to the starting point and don’t even know where to go or where you are. Morrie once stated “The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” (Albom 15) Money can buy many things, but relation is the one that is not on the list. Money can give yourself satisfy, relation is something that you have to give out to other people. Relation is way much important than money, we have to understand money is one of the requirements to gain happiness, but it would never be a sufficient condition to own happy directly.

In today’s society, it is a money-oriented society; everything has to do with money in our life. Our parents work every day just because to have a better life. No one actually understands what money is since every status of people have different opinions of money. When I was a kid, I always heard something like “Time is money and money is time.” Until now, I can still hear about it. People use money to trade or buy same value items, but what if money is gone? Money is important to us; we cannot despise the effects of it, no matter you like it or not. If there is no such“money” stuff, the trades can no longer work normally, and that would cause a society crash. Money can lead the society improve and prosperous economy, and that is why many people think cash rich is better than asset poor. Money can make us lose ourselves, but it can help you to recover yourself, just like a double sided blade, which can save you but also harm you at the same time. The society progress too fast, which leads many people are falling behind, more and more people cannot resist the temptation of money, so they walk on the road of crime. Indeed, human’s perspective of money is never unified, it is more like a coin, which has two sides, one is bright surface and the other is dark side. Most people think money as bright surface, so that they go to work. But some of the people look money as dark side, and they become a criminal.

In my opinion, money is a kind of catalyst; it makes fallen people fall deeper, but makes noble people nobler. People gain money by satisfy the needs of society, and get all the needs through money. If a thing can be bought by money, then it would be a simple problem. But what if the thing cannot be evaluated; it would be a complicated problem, for example, relations. Morie once stated “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” (Albom 16) And to learn how to do it, it is going to take many years because once you grow, you will learn more.

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