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by Mitch Albom

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Book reviews are very frequently assigned to students, especially those that study in high academic levels or study subjects like Literature. One frequently assigned book to review is Tuesdays with ... Morrie, a memoir by Mitch Albom with a powerful message and unique storyline. As a matter of fact, this book was the inspiration and basis for the same-named movie, too. Your Tuesdays with Morrie essay can be exploring the book or the movie – or even both if you want to make comparisons. Even so, we’ve found that most essays on this topic come in the form of a Tuesdays with Morrie book review. This is why, on this website, you’ll find several quality essay samples on topics about this book, including inspirational essays, essays about the author’s style and the themes used in the book, as well as papers about the messages that this book offers to its readers. In 2000, Tuesdays with Morrie topped the best-sellers list in the New York Times for a non-fiction novel. It remained on the top for 23 combined weeks in that same year, but it remained on the list for four more years after. In 2006, the book was announced the bestselling memoir of all time. Now it is very clear why Tuesdays with Morrie essay topics are so frequent in educational circles, isn’t it? But, why is this book as popular in academic circles even after over two decades? The book gives readers lessons on how to live, spoken by someone who has seen the lows and the highs of life, and have loved and lost in his life. Tuesdays with Morrie is exactly that – a story by someone who shares the best advice based on his life experiences, Morrie Schwartz, a professor. In the book, Morrie Schwartz, a professor, becomes a mentor and a philosophical guide of the books’ author during his college years. Unfortunately, they lost touch after Albom obtained his degree. Fast forward fifteen years, and we come to a period where Albom rediscover his old mentor, unfortunately in his last stages of life. Morrie resumes his vital role as a professor in the life of his student, but at this point, his lessons are not academic – they are life lessons. The book has its name because the two meet every Tuesday and in it, Morrie recalls the experiences and what he learned in his life. Those that read this book can gather tons of useful life information from it, as well as feel the relationship depicted between a good teacher and his student. The relationship between these two is so comfortable and strong that, years later, it becomes a friendship. It teaches the reader how important it is to listen. The book is filled with stories about life and death, but it also includes a gentle humor, wonderful anecdotes, and many emotions. All of the stories by Morrie can result in many essay questions. If you are struggling with what to write about, we have created a long list of perfect topics to inspire you. In the list, you can find topics revolving around the life messages shared by Morrie, as well as thoughts about life inspired by his words. What’s most interesting about this book is that it prompts the reader to speak not only of what is in it, but think hard, research, and elaborate on many important life topics. In the list of essay topics, you’ll find some about making friends with people you don’t like, making more realistic goals in life, etc. That’s exactly what Morrie’s stories create – deep thoughts for life and death.

Mitch Albom


United States


Memoir, Biographical, Philosophical novel

Publication date


Major Characters

Mitch Albom, Morrie Schwartz

Based on

The memoir is about a series of visits Albom made to his former sociology professor Morrie Schwartz, as Schwartz gradually dies of ALS.

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