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Tv Advertisements and Consumers Encouragement

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TV advertisements often encourage consumers to simulate their preferences & behavior according to the simulated advertisement expose to them. It is essential to know whether consumers attract towards products through image focused strategy or by product focused strategy, Research will be dependent on primary data. Data will be collected from general public. A questionnaire has been developed to collect the primary data. It will be assessed whether image advertisements engage consumers for the ultimate buying decision or product advertisements captivate giant market.

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Advertisers try to achieve strategic marketing goals that will provide company high returns in terms of monetary and non-monetary profits. For the purpose of knowing how customers react when advertisements are exposing to them and what are some important factors people notice when they expose to tetra pack advertisements. Usually it is said that people more concentrate on product information, when it comes to dairy industry because they can’t compromise on their health. A cross sectional study is organized to determine which those factors are that helps customers to easily select any dairy tetra pack. For the evaluation of consumer behavior a psychological factor social cognation will be used which will focus on how people gather process & interpret information given to them through TV advertisement. It is based on mental simulation how consumers get information, on which time and by which means altogether finds differential effects for image versus product focus strategies.

Keywords: advertisement, image advertisement, product advertisement, social cognation, mental simulation, consumer behavior.

Research objective

Effective advertisement is combination of image and product advertisement attributes.

Which part of advertisement effect and influence the most on consumer behavior and pursuit them to buy specific product.

Customer’s response to general TV advertisement.

Purpose of advertisement according to customers.

Repetition of advertisement influence customers to buy product.

Problem statement

This study aims to understand consumer behavior towards image advertisements i.e music, social message, fictions,or customers attract towards product focused advertisements i.e features and attributes, product functionality, in tetra pack milk advertisements.

1. Introduction

According to Jobber (2001, p.353) advertising is any paid form of non-personal communication of ideas or products in the prime media. Advertising is a marketing concept which aims to influence the buying behavior of customers. Whereas consumer behavior is the process and activity by which people select, purchase, evaluate and consume the product or service to satisfy the need or want.(Guolla, 2011) Marketers manipulate and simulate customers behavior in order to get maximum outcome of the advertisement that will ultimately bring up with high viewership and high margins of profits. For the decision making process customer passes through five stages.

Marketing studies showed that traditional advertisement strategies based on massive ads bombarding over a generic audience are not very effective and, in some cases, are at risk of being counterproductive. So, marketers and advertising companies are always looking for more effective and newer communication way and evaluation methods of advertising effectiveness (Ansari &Jolodar)A company always looks for the potential client to sell their goods or service they are offering in the market. Advertising serves the company as a medium of communication. In today’s era of rapid communication customer have unlimited mediums of information gathering but the effective one will not only engage customer but also retain them through effective ads engagement. While talking about effective ad, one must consider that one ad may be striking for one customer but not for other one, one customer may focuses on ad/product’s emotional attributes, where the marketer is trying to connect emotional attributes with the product by giving social message, Other customer may focuses and considers more ad/product’s functional attributes.This study is designed to investigate the impact of ads strategy (product/image strategy) respective to consumer behavior which heavily influence the overall thinking process & manipulate choices of customers.

1.1. Product and image TV advertisement

Broadcast advertisement consists of an audio or video narrative that can range from 15seconds spots to longer segments known as infomercials, which generally last 30 to 60 minutes. (Busari 2002). Generally advertisements consists of two parts, one is called Image and second is called Product focused advertisement. There can be one complete commercial reliant on product attributes and functionality or may consists of any social message that a marketer is trying to connect with the product. Sometimes audience attitude, lifestyle and behavior is also connected with product for the attainment of high possible market share(sales,equity,profits).Image focused advertisements describe company’s products more by its benefits than its functional attributes. Considering tetra pack TV commercials Nestle milk pack connected its brand image with health, purity and fitness while Nurpur created image with clarity, good music and visuals.

Most of the time through image building customers is attracted more times than a simple information based commercial. Customer mind is manipulated with relevant & crisp information, which must not be overloaded with vague and extra information that will create complexity in the mind of customer and end up with nullifying the effect of ad. The other one is product focused advertisement or a strategy which specifically communicates target audience about products features and attributes that may attract them, depending on add simulation strategy. In product focus strategy marketers more focus on products aspects, the ways it can be useful for them and how they will be benefited after consuming product. Best example of product focused strategy in tetra pack dairy industry can be Dairy pure, in which ad only tells about product hygienic factors, purity and goodness.

Above two factors affect the overall consumer behavior and attitude towards particular product with support to social cognation, which impacts on human psyche, attitude, behavior, preference, buying decision and way of perceiving and interpreting given information to them. No doubt that today most of the organizations spend huge amount of money to influence the purchase decision of target audience but with the help of effective combination of image and product focused strategy, customers can appealed over TV advertisements. Customer past experience, information provided to them and the type of viewer & product also what is shown to them on which time slot make an enormous difference of choice.


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