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Two Ways In Which Consumers Can Actively Participate In Shaping Health Service Delivery

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The health departments all over the globe provide health care services to the people whether they belong to any social class or background. Their main objective of these services is to cure the patients and satisfy them by taking of their needs. Other than the clinical staff, the consumers themselves can participate in shaping health service delivery so that effective outcomes of the service delivery has been achieved. The experienced consumers can form a network of communication through which they can spread awareness regarding the health care services that are given to other people around the globe.

As it is the 21st century in which the focus is on modernization and technology, consumers can start their own online services by creating a page on Facebook on a smaller scale through which they can upload about their suggestions and opinions on relevant cases of delivery they get to witness. There are other several ways in which consumers can get engaged in such activities, an email can be generated by which the consumers can deliver their perspectives on health service delivery Sjöström & Plos (2008).

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Ways of handling the operation and pointing out distinctive approaches to tackle these operations can be done with the help of consulting a doctor first and then sending the suggestions via email. We can see the Cochrane Consumer Network that does this work in which they connect multiple doctors and consumers so that they can put on their input associated with healthcare delivery. According to Fulop & Tyrer (2002), even partnerships are formed between such doctors and diversified consumers that are involved in making opinions for the clinical governance at different hospitals and health services.

As we all know that taking care of the health of a patient is the top priority of every organization that is indulged in the health service business, therefore, they should be willing to accept the changes and open up for more in future. Spreading awareness through these networks and emails can help a greater number of the population. Another way of shaping health service delivery can include huge consumer’s participation in planning and improvising. They can monitor the clinical services provided in the hospitals and other health services given in various cities and sort out ways of improvements for making these assistances better (Department of Health & Human Services, 2013). After monitoring, the consumers can deliver their methods of upgrading such services by videography or simply using Skype (Telehealth). This can prove to be highly beneficial when handling clinical practices as there is always room for improvement in every aspect of health care.

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