Tybalt as a Particularly Important Character in the Love Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet

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The character from “The Love Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet” that I picked is Tybalt. Tybalt is a Capulet and a particularly important character in the play. And also has a lot of strong and important character traits. Tybalt helps with the whole plot of the story and is one of the reasons why the play ended the way it did.

Tybalt has many character traits, he is very quick tempered and vengeful and without that trait his fight with Romeo would not have escalated the way it did. Tybalt is also overly aggressive and loves to pull out his sword on anyone in his way if they make him the least bit angry. He is also very tough and strong. He is argumentative, feisty, and also enjoys any type of conflict. But besides all those traits he is extremely passionate, loyal and protective to the people he loves and won’t let anyone hurt them. But he is passionate in a way full of hate. Like how in the play he didn’t stop wanting to fight with Romeo even after Capulet told him to let it go. 

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The reason why Tybalt is important to this play is because he moves the whole plot forward and is this reason for major happenings in the play. One example of this would be when he picked a fight with Mercutio and ended up killing him which led to him wanting to fight Romeo out of rage and Romeo killing him, ultimately leading to the end of the play, the suicide of Romeo and Juliet. So without Tybalt and his character traits the play would not have ended the way it did. Also Tybalt’s character adds a lot of action to the play since he’s always trying to start fights with everyone. If he left Romeo alone, the play would’ve gone a whole different direction but thanks to his traits it does not, hence why he’s a major character in the play and it would be completely different if he weren’t there to begin with.For Tybalt’s mask on the left side it has flames to represent his strongest trait which is aggressive, hot-headed, and gets “heated” very quickly. And then in the top left corner there is a little symbol, it is 2 hands being held together, forminga heart. This symbol represents Tybalt’s loyal trait because no matter what he’ll protect his family and even died doing that. Then on the right side of the mask there are 2 swords that go across the eye space, the 2 swords represent how Tybalt loved fighting and would pull his sword out on anyone he wanted. The 2 swords match the colors that represent both Montague (shades of blue) and Capulet (shades of orange/red) the swords also represent the fight he had with Mercutio and Romeo which ended up killing him. Then on the top right corner there is arm with muscles, this arm shows that Tybalt was tough and strong.

 Lastly, the black X on the left across the eye and the swords that make an X on the left side come together to show that Tybalt dies in the play due to quick temper and sword fighting which is when everything after that starts to go down hill. 

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