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Types and Three Branches of Government

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In the current world, the government is a very important part of society. Each country needs to interact with each other, government is a bridge that will connect two countries. The Ministry of foreign affairs is a department responsible for cooperation with other countries, the functionary in this department will pay attention to work with other country’s functionary. The United States and China are two big countries in the world. Sino-US relations tend to be friendly and cooperative. However, due to historical reasons, political and cultural factors, there are also differences and contradictions. Generally speaking, cooperation outweighs conflict and common interests outweigh differences.

The United States is the most developed country in the world today, and China is the largest developing country in the world today, which dooms to fierce competition between China and the United States. The contradiction between China and the United States lies entirely in the rapid economic development of China. China’s rapid development in recent years. Since the reform and opening-up in 1978, China’s economic scale has increased from 150 billion US dollars to 1.32 trillion US dollars in a short period of 40 years, an increase of 88 times, making it the second-largest economy in the world and creating a miracle of world economic development. China has established an independent scientific and technological system and independent national defense. We have the fastest railway in the world, we start to build our own airplane, we build the longest Cross Sea Bridge, and so on. Everything shows China is trying to become better. So that the strongest country—America felt very nervous. And also China is a country advocating Communism. But America is advocating capitalism. So they don’t like China. So that they need to do something to restrict China’s development speed.

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So that the United States always wants to limit China from Rapid development. They have a lot of different methods. As we know, Taiwan is a part of China. And America always pays attention to Taiwan. They don’t want China to get it back. After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the United States spent money and guns to support Chiang Kai-shek in fighting the civil war. This is the best example. And after 74years, America still thinks Taiwan is not a part of China. During Ma Ying-jeou’s ruling period, He had a clear opposition to Taiwan’s independence. It was difficult for the United States to use Taiwan to restrict China. However, since Tsai Ing-wen came to power in 2016, there has been a confrontation between the two sides, which provides an excellent opportunity for the United States to launch Taiwan as a chess player. After Trump signed the Taiwan Exchange Act, Tsai Ing-wen publicly expressed his support for the Act and hoped that bilateral relations between Taiwan and the United States could be further developed. Therefore, this series of changes in the island has had a tremendous impact on the future exchanges between the United States and Taiwan. The Chinese government has said a lot of times, “No one can stop China from reunifying. We seek peaceful reunification, and if this is not the way, we will use another way.’On September 25, 2018, the U.S. government informed Congress of its decision to sell about $330 million worth of weapons and equipment to Taiwan, including fighter aircraft parts and related support systems. This is a new provocative move made by the United States on the Taiwan issue recently. China has expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this move to the United States and has made solemn representations to the United States. And also The United States has repeatedly disturbed relations between the mainland and Taiwan. China hates this kind of action very much. In my opinion, actually Taiwan is very close to Fujian, and all activities in Taiwan along the southeastern coast of China are easy to detect. At the same time, Taiwan has formed the first island chain with Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines, which prevents the Chinese Navy from sailing to the ocean. There is Taiwan, and China’s military resources are bound to tend to liberate Taiwan, so it is much better to intervene in the Taiwan issue and maintain the existence of a Taiwan than to fight directly with China.

“Impossible things often happen. You’d better be prepared.” Mrs. Thatcher, former British Prime Minister said. In the last year. China and America have some serious problems in their relationships. They have a Trade dispute. This is a very serious event, a lot of people are influenced by this event. Although nobody dies, in fact, this is a war without guns and cannons. The weapons are money. This is more deadly. Stock, Sales have dropped off. A lot of factories were influenced by this war. Some of them even went bankrupt. The source of all this is Trump. On March 23, 2018, ,US President Trump formally signed the Memorandum of Commerce with China at the White House which is come from Clause 301. Clause 301 is Article 301 of the 1974 Trade Act of the United States, which authorizes the U.S. government to investigate trade partners suspected of misconduct and to determine penalties on its own. The American government thinks china has some problems with their cooperation, the benefit that China obtained is more than the Americans obtained. So that America starts the trade war first. Actually, Clause 301 is a very strong weapon that Americans always use. After the office of the United States, Trade Representative find the trade Partners and trade Areas with the Closest and Most Unfair Markets. They will start to use Clause 301. The U.S. government will negotiate with these trading rivals. If trade disputes remain unresolved, the United States can impose unilateral trade sanctions on these trading partners, mainly by imposing high tariffs on certain products it imports, with tariffs up to 100 percent. This is a very big number. The economy of both these two countries will influence by this clause.

In August 2017 Donald Trump signs an administrative memorandum. He directs the U.S. Trade Representative Office to launch an investigation into the so-called ‘unfair trade practices in China’ to ensure the protection of intellectual property and technology in the United States. After the investigation, on March 22nd they set up three methods. First, they will impose tariffs on specific Chinese exports,25% tariff on some Chinese imports, such as Information Products and Machinery Products. Second, Americans want World Trade Organization to join and help them solve the problems about solving the problem of discriminatory technology licensing in China. Third, U.S. Treasury Department will address the problems posed by China’s investment in some U.S. industries and important U.S. technology. After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China gets this information. They just said they do not agree with this. And their viewpoint is China does not want to engage in trade wars with anyone, but if someone forces us to fight, we will not be afraid or hide. On the same day, an article published on the website of the Ministry of Commerce of China said that China has repeatedly expressed its position on the 301 investigations, and we firmly oppose the unilateralism and trade protectionism of the United States. China will never sit idly by while its legitimate rights and interests are damaged. It will take all necessary measures to firmly safeguard its legitimate rights and interests. Then China and America start to have a trade war. The relationship between the two countries is not very good. Just like a war, all the citizens will influence by this dispute. The price of all the things will rise a little bit. So that most people don’t like this war. During the war, both Americans and the Chinese lost a lot of things, they lost a lot of money, a lot of factories also shut down. Fortunately, on December 1, 2018, the heads of state of China and the United States reached a consensus to stop imposing new tariffs on each other.

Jaafari is a Syrian representative to the United Nations. When his country was bombed and scorched, he defended himself to the United States, Britain, and France at the United Nations. The representatives of the three countries left directly. He could only sit silently at an angle, weeping and sighing. If a weak country has no diplomacy, it will be beaten if it lags. This is an unchanging law. So what I want to say is that the world is still that world, but China is no longer China before. We seem to live and grow in a peaceful and free environment and work and study in a comfortable atmosphere. You must understand that it is because there is a strong motherland behind us. In fact, the struggle between the state and the state has always existed. It can be an economic war without smoke, a war of science and technology, or even a war of public opinion. The most important thing is to become stronger so that the country can protect its citizens. China did that, I felt very proud of my country.    


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