Types of Human Rights: the Black Lives Matter Movement

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Good morning, I am very grateful for this opportunity to represent my community for this movement. My name is Abigail and I came to make a statement on the Black Lives Matter movement and on our equality work. As the leader of this movement, I would like to say thank you for pushing all of us to recognize that native people are still here and still very supportive of what really means to save not only for this nation but this world from disaster.

All of you need to know that the movement started in 2013, it is a global human rights movement. In the last few weeks, the movement has spread around the United States and across all countries, because there has been a global anti-racist movement has re-emerged to fight for racial justice, police violence and institutional racism again. This protest was led by the black and indigenous people and has been supported by all people around the world. It memorialized the violent and brutal deaths of George Floyd in the United States and David Dungay Jr in Long Bay prison in Sydney, with both custody.

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From 2013 until now, there have been many fatal shootings caused by police officers. Many black people have died for no obvious reason. Many Black people go to jail for no reason at all. Many Black people are not being treated properly by other people. Many Black people are being shot and yet they are innocent. For the first time, this gave Black people a sense of self far beyond the wild. It has created many confusions and is going to create more confusions. One of the things that White people don't know, but I believe I know, is that Black people are just like everyone else. People need to stop comparing other races because all of us are the same. Although we are different individuals from different backgrounds, different countries, different races, we can live together as one people, and people are missing that. People should help each other through thick and thin, instead of conflicting with each other.

Nobody is right as rain, everyone must have done violence or something wrong because of inequality, so we need to change people's minds in order to stop violence and inequality. We must know that, right now we are witnessing a powerful comeback against a powerful movement. This assumes that we all must recognize and actively disrupt the processes that divide us. It means we 're supposed to be comfortable not with similarities, but with differences. We should be more comfortable to know that not all of us are the same.

I believe in our dedication and creativity, that we can make a movement that unites millions of us and wise in our differences. And this Black Lives Matter Movement is important for people from all over the world to understand, because it teaches us that all of our lives matter, whether we have different races or ethnic backgrounds. The world is our oyster. And we'll do whatever we can to bring peace to the world. Also, I offer my deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of those that have been killed for racial hatred. We will continue fighting for our rights. Stay safe, Thank you. 

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