Typical Adulterants in Drinking Milk

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The milk and the diary product adulteration were one of the major problems after the revolution. The adulteration was old. The swill milk scandal in 1850 has killed 8000 infants in New York. The milk is considered to be one of the best required food by the both adults and kids. It is one of the best source for protein, vitamin, fat, carbohydrate, minerals. The milk is one of the best supplements in the dairy industry. The milk was on high demand during war. 

The milk adulteration happened during the high demand , low supply of the milk due to many reasons. The milk adulteration can be easily identified with the help of the qualitative detection in milk performed with chemical reactions while quantitative detection . Qualitative detection of adulterants in milk are simple colour based chemical reactions. These can be performed in any Biology lab in the Level 1 Lab with availability of chemical reagents and necessary precautions. 

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Major drawbacks of these techniques are the facts that they are valid for a limited range of concentrations and are not sufficiently precise. There are other qualitative detections which are advantageous because these are simple, rapid and easy to perform. Some of the other edible compounds which are often used as adulterants to improve the taste. The presence of those in milk can be detected rapidly there are some dangerous chemicals added in milk to improve the physical appearances and shelf life. 

Some of those are very dangerous and can lead to fatal diseases. Its display fast, but simple hazardous chemicals detection techniques in milk. In addition, there are others mixed chemicals such as soap, detergents and colouring compounds are sometimes added to the milk to improve appearance. Quantitative detection of some of those common adulterants in milk have been detected too. It means any material which is or could be employed for making the food unsafe or sub-standard or misbranded .

If the Food is adulterated if its quality is lowered or affected by the addition of substances which are injurious to health .It is the act of intentionally analyse quality of food offered for sale either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable in the ingredient.

After the olive oil the Milk is the second food in the list of adulteration. The Milk include addition of the vegetable protein , milkfrom different species, addition of the whey and watering .They are not harmful. But there are some adulterants which can cause harm to the body if they are not taken care. If they are not overlooked or taken care or not treated properly they can cause disease and harmful reactions in the body. They will affect the urea, which mainly involves in the excretion they will increase the acidity in the body since they are liquids they will flow throughout the body for the replacement of the fluids in the body. Some of the acids like the formalin, benzoic acid, salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, sugar. 

Some of them are very much useful in the digestion and some are used to maintain the body haemostasis. If there is increase in the body temperature it will be due to the decrease in the fluidity of the body. The quality of the milk can be easily evaluated with the help of the fat percentage which is present. The Solid-not –fat or SNF percentage, protein content and freezing point .If the parameters show increased percentage than the normal percentage they can found that the adulterants are added to the milk content and will decrease the mil quality. The cane sugar, starch, sulphate are added to increase the SNF. 

Since milk is very expensive there are some manufacturers who remove milk fat for the additional financial gain and they add the nom milk products and compensate the milk such as vegetable oil. Detergents are added to emulsify and dissolve the oil in water giving a frothy solution they carry substitute of the milk products. There are some milk products which can cause severe impact when it undergoes a long run. If the melamine levels are above the safety limit can cause the renal failure and death in infants. Sometimes the peroxides and detergents in milk can cause gastro intestinal complications in the body. 

These are simple colour based chemical reactions. These can be performed with biological labs with the available reagents and necessary precautions. The detecting technique has disadvantages in simple we can also say they are only valid for limited range of concentration and are not precise as other techniques. But the main advantage is that they are simple and rapid and easy to perform. Some of the edible compounds are often used as adulterant to enhance the taste of the milk. There are some of the hazardous chemicals added in the milk to improve the taste of the milk and physical appearance and the product life. 

There are additional quantities such as the increasing them by adding of the chemicals, detergents, and colouring are sometimes added to milk to improve the quality of the milk. The milk product are packed and they are easily manufactured in millions of gallons and they are easily found that they do not have any chemicals without detecting the poisons are any other chemicals that can cause damage to the human body. These are one of the major problems that are usually not noticed during the manufacture of the milk products. The milk product manufacture involves a huge process. These can easily be detected but these detection techniques are not easy as they look.

They have identified the techniques to identify the protein structure. The selective tetraborate EDTA buffer for extracting plant proteins from milk has been used to develope a turbidimetric detection system to detect the insoluble plant protein. The qualitative detection is more better than other technology. The technology is simple as they look they can easily be used in any place. As the company reduce the quantity for the purpose of money saving and they easily detect the quantity of the food and milk products. They are also used in the food products for the detection of the samples failure in the products. They are very much useful in the detecting the sample presesnce of the products.

The mixing of the milk from random sources and animal species is that the easiest means to adulterate milk, the quantitative detection is far more complex thanks to genetic and non genetic polymorphism (Recio, Perez Rodrlguez, & Ramos & amigo 1997). The geographical origin of the milk has been spectrometer (ICPOES) . The cow milk adulteration is one of the best quantitative by MS (mass spectroscopy) This method identifies the molecular mass to identify the molecular mass in the cow and goat. 

This detection was described by the (Abrantes et al 2014; Romeo, Perez, Andujar, olmedo, & Jimenez , 1996; song , Xue & Han 2011 ) the cheese is one of the highest demanded product in the world with high commercial values confined with proper labelling rules and analytical techniques. They are developed to improve the authencity. The high resolution melting are used to method utilizing specific mitochondria primers. (Ganopoulos , Sakaridis, Argiriou madedsis & tsaftaris,2013) and solid phase micro extraction mass spectroscopy method (SPME- MS) based on volatile profile 

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