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Uber Technologies Inc. Total Review

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Uber Technologies Inc. is a ridesharing transportation network company with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Uber operates in different cities across countries.

Although Uber is successfully operating in major cities across the globe, Uber has its own limitations in most countries as well. Uber Licenses are partially or fully banned in most countries like North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The Ban on Uber service, however, did not stop drivers from engaging with Uber. There has been a series of police clashes with Uber drivers in cities like Hong Kong.

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On the other hand, a country like Australia has allowed Uber to operate in its country except for the Northern Territory. Most countries have welcomed the app but banned then in some certain cities. This goes a long way to show that the success of a business does not come from its success in another country. Government regulations, countries innovation, technologies and needs are fast rising, hence, ridesharing demands are on the rise.

Rarely does a technical addition appear forth to agitate day-to-day reality for a lot of people? Ride-hailing, and the purpose behind it, apprenticed by Uber actually created an “uprising” in metropolitan transportation. Contentious, yet so accessible for consumers, Uber acutely abounding an upward and unreached charge.

Customers have crowded to the business and its app, which gave Uber a global recognition and proclaimed the most used applications across countries. Uber is steadily innovating in other be relevant in the market as a lot of other taxi-hailing competitors have emerged and flooded the transportation business.

Uber plans to launch UberAir Flights. To bring this project to reality Uber has made its intention to partner with cities (Dallas, Los Angeles and an unannounced international country which will allow them to demonstrate their flight services in 2020 in other to begin their operation in 2023. Meanwhile, old style cab hailing businesses and limo drivers aren’t absolutely fans. They generally address to accept Uber stopped.

Working Conditions and Employee Morale

Over the years there have been issues raised about the demand at price, driver’s qualification, insurance, safety, bad behaviour amongst others.

Over the years, sexual harassment and violence from Uber drivers have been a thing of concern especially in a country like Nigeria. An issue like this arises and circulates the internet with no proper action taken. Uber continues to the top in Nigeria simply because it has generated a means of livelihood for people with no jobs. However, the customers/ ride hailers are far from safe because proper background check was not carried out.

People would say Uber is only concerned about its registration of drivers as long as the basic requirements are met. On the other hand, Uber has been making a variety on tech-enhancing moves in accordance with coming to the feedback she wants out of both riders and drivers, in conformity with flourish theirs very own how-are-we-doing operations. “It’s in which we force so many humans between the driver’s bottoms to dimension their passengers below every ride. If the ranking is low, we pray why. It may stay to that amount a driver is unhappy respecting a roaring rider. Or a rider is concerned to that amount her operator used to be running too fast…increasingly science does assist be brought to the truth. Over time, we appeal to makes use of science in conformity with improving security proactively,” spoke of an agency post.

They understand as speeding is the foot cause regarding deep accidents. “In 2012 rushing was once accountable because of almost one of ternary deadly accidents within the U.S., causing atop 10,000 deaths as 12 months alone. And distracted driving is simply namely extensive a problem.” These purposes wish to show whether hourly a car starts and stops as like nicely namely typical speed. “If a rider complains to that amount a leader accelerated too quickly yet also hard, we perform stricture to that amount trip the usage of data.”

CNET examined the announcement from both the rider’s yet driver’s vantage points. The part regarding the headline counselled the driver’s side into “Uber may music you driver’s telephone in accordance with verifying your complain.”

Lance Whitney in CNET: “The normal intention is in accordance with track then blow under about a driver’s doubtlessly unstable behaviour, certain as much speeding, distracted driving, or texting than speaking on a telephone whilst driving. But every now and then a peripatetic can give the driver a strong time, complaining as the trip is active also carefully then as it is receiving even long. In that case, it is the driver’s phrase towards the passenger’s. Checking the smartphone facts can help decide any is into the right.”

The smartphone monitoring announcement of Tuesday belongs in conformity with a wide variety of strikes with the aid of Uber in imitation of assimilating services as intention give pray according to current passengers yet those whichever bear used the service before.

Earlier that month, Whitney said, the enterprise unveiled its Uber Trip Experiences. Customers can come to music, news bulletins and journey hints together with it. The organization has additionally been testing a ride-identification function so much makes that viable because of a passenger waiting because his Uber experience to understand the operator with the aid of SPOT, a windshield-mounted system using a colouration up to expectation brings the driver then goes together.

This is a colour-coded lighting system. The corporation announced it between December, pronouncing “We’ve furnished some on our native pilot partners together with SPOT gadgets up to expectation is devoted in imitation of theirs auto windshields. When a rider requests a timeout and is matched together with a SPOT-enabled driver, the rider intention stays asked in imitation of choosing a colouration within the app whilst waiting. The rider perform also light up their phone honour via urgent and retention regarding the colouration in conformity with help the leader quickly become aware of them. When the driver arrives, the SPOT system of his than her windshield pleasure fibre between the rider’s chosen colours.”

Recommendation on Leadership and Management Reorientation and strategy. When it comes to Uber, Opinions differ simply because it has become a lifestyle and a daily used app for millions of people around the world. Opinions have been expressed by various writers, hence, it does not reflect the opinions and thoughts of every user in various societies.

Uber’s innovation towards the growth of taxi-hailing may be slow and stagnant to a certain level or countries. However, turns out, building a stand on the virtual community is hard because every user is unique with his or her own demands, wants and expectation.

My stand as a project manager for Uber in Nigeria will be set up an Accountability and Sustainability committee to make sure Uber and the stakeholders(staff, government, drivers, general public) are carried will be best for Uber to come up with different programs to tackle the big problems faced by each country.

A multilateral league of the Chief Technical Officer, Chief Financial officer and chief human resource officer should be created by country and region. This team will essentially look at the issues from the ground up, and draw a map for a solution. Each team will have to understand the need to draw talents to its group to break down problems and come up with a solution. The Technical officer will have to look into the future and technical applications, the chief Financial officer will focus on investment opportunities and unique financial scheme for workers, drivers’ etc. on the other hand, the chief human resource officer will actively focus on talent welfare, new talent design, driver’s relations, etc.

On the other hand, countries with no database or proper security systems should be given extra security on the tracking of driver’s car to not just check on the location of the ride but be able to stop the car. A panic button can be created on the app for customers to use to alert the police, Uber and nearest driver if an unwholesome play is dictated.

In conclusion, it is no news that Uber has succeeded in major countries, however, they still have their struggles in some countries. From a vivid view of Uber partnership in countries where they operate, it sages to be called “weak”. Therefore, Uber will have to come up with a strategic partnership to suit the economy of each country they venture into.


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