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Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1903 with the collaboration of William Harley and Arthur Davidson. The company is recognized as a world leader in the design of large bicycles, vehicles and high-performance bicycles. The company also offers a variety of motorcycle parts and accessories. The Harley-Davidson motorcycle team is known for its unique design and couture. A brute force brand is an important part of selling a unique product. This allows the company to focus on differentiated strategies for specific products in different niche industries. Harley’s strong brand image in the market has established a deep relationship between the company and its customers, creating an unparalleled driving experience. This helps create a large and loyal brand to meet the needs of customers who use large bikes. The company’s marketing strategy focuses on corporate events, various agency promotions and media advertising. The target market consists mainly of men over 35 years of age. However, age restrictions have been increasing for the past 40 years. This represents the age group that contributed to the famous Harley-Davidson character in the United States. Due to the small number of customers in this sector, the company has developed a strategy to restructure marketing activities, with a focus on multi-generation and multi-cultural marketing strategies. The strategy focuses on different age groups, races and genders. New technologies and their impact on transportation and its applications have become apparent. Technological advances are taking place in very significant scale and highest markets. These technologies have been identified as including developments in the fields of automotive, parts and IT production. The number of large-capacity cars on the network and new display technologies are increasing. Nonetheless, experience in the automotive industry shows that working in developed countries is expensive due to strong consumer demand. These reasons should ensure that the identified gaps in market knowledge and profitable opportunities are addressed in a friendly manner. However, as one of the most well-managed companies in different regions, Harley prides itself on the advanced and state-of-the-art technology of its products and services.

Environmental appraisal analysis for the U.K. market

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Internal analysis

The goal of the Harley-Davidson product line is to sell new and used cars. Customers believe that the market supply has been sufficient for nearly a decade. Harley is one of the world’s leading automotive companies, handling heavy motorcycles, motorcycle parts, accessories, clothing and sundries. The company guarantees specific developments in various business areas. These industries include motorcycles that provide economic incentives. The financial services industry specializes in wholesale, retail and insurance financing. Emphasis is also placed on innovative measures that can help promote differentiation and cost approaches. At the same time, there are also major differences in the financial status and fund management within the organization. Establishing performance indicators is easier than establishing a company’s financial records.

SWOT analysis


Due to the characteristics of the product, Harley Davidson has an important market share in European countries, including most heavy motorcycles. Some of the company’s strengths are specialization and are limited to two parts: motorcycles and accessories and financial services. Harley Davidson supplies large international motorcycles to various international markets including the Middle East and Asia.

In addition, the company has a strong brand that was once used by Americans. This natural force shows lasting appeal to customers, especially in the baby boom era. The Harley Owner Group (HOG) has helped approximately 750,000 members worldwide to expand their internal customer base. This makes Harley the sole sponsor of motorcycle enthusiasts in the industry. The Buell Riders Adventure Group (BRAG) is one of the rights granted to the Harley-branded product company. Solve different problems in different market segments, such as promotions, customer events, media announcements, direct mail, etc. They can find more advantages.


Harley’s weakness in preparing for the UK market can easily be determined by the nature of the price used for its products. This makes it difficult for the company to increase its market share in Asia and others European countries. At the same time, internal issues revolve around capacity issues, which limits the supply of Harley’s large bicycles to future market segments.


Demand for Harley-Davidson motorcycles is currently high in regions with a high proportion of middle-class owners. These countries are located in the European market, which is currently the largest motorcycle market in the world. In the United States and Asia, there is a potential market for the younger generation and sporting events, and quality is the primary consideration.


The main loss in the domestic market is due to the emergence of creative competitors such as BMW and Hyundai, which provide the market with high-quality and relatively cheap products. At the same time, some competitors in the market have a stronger financial foundation and a sound marketing network, which can ensure the normal operation of different product lines. Since members often lose quality, the potential threat may come from the fact that members use the Harley brand.

Business Environment in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) is located in the northwest of Europe and covers an area of approximately 244,000 square kilometers. Britain is made up of four countries: England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Typical European borders are in Ireland, while others countries are on islands surrounded by large areas of water, such as the Irish Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The largest city in the British capital is London, which is an important center of culture, world politics and finance. London is the most populous city with an estimated population of more than 63 million.

Britain is one of the few countries that has successfully maintained the monarchy, and the Queen is considered the leader of the country. However, the Prime Minister is the head of the government’s political department and is often elected in many positions. The country has a strong business environment and a stable government to support investment and business in the region. In the UK, residents speak two official languages, Welsh and English. English is the country’s main language, and almost 90% of the population speaks English. Welsh is mainly spoken in Welsh and is rare in others parts of the UK. The country is predominantly religious, with two religions, Christianity and Islam, dominating large customers. The country is testing all four seasons, and the country is mainly a small island, so there is very little rainfall throughout the year. These geographic and climatic characteristics must be considered before the organization decides to expand its activities in a particular country.

Britain is a multicultural country with a low proportion of foreigners. In the UK, foreigners are welcome and realize their importance in business and economic projects. However, the British are very conservative and do not like situations that can cause embarrassment. This is strategic when talking to strangers, and the first thing others are talking about can determine the right tone and language. Citizens value privacy, and building and building relationships can take time. They also value literature and its respect. It is not uncommon for Britons to publicly criticize or complain about something in the square. Courtesy is paramount and can play an important role in deciding whether to make a connection. If you want to build a good business relationship with a British, you must respect the values of courtesy and confidentiality and take a long-term approach.

Major cities in the UK have integrated pipeline systems with rail networks. In rural areas, the issue of cost provides bus services that determine street frequency. With the country’s large number of international airports, it is also possible to surpass aircraft, ensuring the benefits of the country’s commercial activities. The government has ensured that the country’s infrastructure is efficient so that all activities can proceed smoothly. In addition, the government performs others functions to ensure good corporate governance and sustainable economic growth. The aim is to ensure greater economic growth each year, while unemployment and prices fall nationwide. The British government has a significant influence on the global situation in the country. There you can reduce or increase taxes, restrict business development and pass laws that protect consumer and employee rights. The main taxes in this country are income tax and corporate tax, value added tax, municipal tax and national insurance. Companies such as BMW and Hyundai have a large share of the British automotive industry market, and this strong business environment has attracted widespread attention from multinational automotive companies.

Entry Mode Selection

Harley has many options to pursue and explore ways to succeed in the British automotive industry. Entry is through wholly-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, export and contractual agreements.

Export is the main means by which a company decides to produce in its parent company and sells all its products abroad. The difference between direct and indirect exports is that products directly control products in the country of sale, while states do not control indirect products. The main advantage is that the company can efficiently use resources for production and savings through economies of scale. The disadvantage is that without proper customer feedback, management will not be able to consider consumer feedback to improve the product.

A contract agreement is a license agreement that allows a foreign company to produce another product within a specified time. Issues of rights often arise in the form of trademarks and patents. The main advantage of this is that you can get more technical knowledge income and you can invest quickly without losing the huge risk of capital investment. The disadvantages are low income and the risk of brand damage due to poor service quality.

A wholly-owned subsidiary can take the form of an investment or acquisition of Greenfield. Greenfield means the company will establish a new wholly-owned subsidiary in the state. At the same time, as part of the acquisition, the company acquired competitors to clarify its authority and improve the market. In the case of Harley, the production process is capital-intensive, so investing in Greenfield is advisable as it justifies the full control of the business. The main disadvantage is that the process is dangerous and often requires a strategic analysis of the market before implementation. This is the best way for Harley to enter the British automotive industry.

A joint venture consists of two companies working together to produce specific products. Both have invested equally and brought in the key expertise needed to produce the product. Profit or loss is shared equally or in a proportion agreed by both parties. The main advantages of this are that both companies have reduced production costs due to economies of scale and have greater market power in the industry. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to find the right partner, and you may lose control of your job. This could also be a useful way for Harley to enter UK; since there is a lot of evidence that this way works within automotive industry.

Target Market

In recent years, the company has developed a new product portfolio that not only benefits business customers, but also contributes to product improvements based on value-added services. The new target market is defined as well-informed and mature, but well aware of the old technology of the product. This has forced Harley to innovate to lower prices while maintaining adequate levels among consumers in the target market. It should focus primarily on the demand-based retail process, which provides the opportunity to reach a wide range of consumers. These industries are often characterized by low prices, reliable quality and continuous supply. Introducing new products to the younger generation in the UK requires a new branding system to eliminate confusion among customers.

Harley Davidson’s customers are enthusiastic riders and they like to ride long bikes. Harley’s target customers are natural and natural customers. These customers belong to the middle-to-high income group and belong to the 25 to 40-year-old group.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy includes the concept of marketing mix. A marketing mix is a set of tactical marketing tools that can be controlled and combined to generate the desired response from the target market. Due to the combination of solid marketing and structured marketing, the company can influence market demand for products. In marketing strategy, 4 P’s are often expressed: product strategy, pricing strategy, promotion strategy and place strategy.

Product strategy

Harley offers a wide range of products for sale in the UK market. It has been providing its own bicycle models on the market to maintain a consistent wow sound, and its goal is to mass-produce bicycles with a consistently powerful engine, brand power, and great popularity. Harley-Davidson’s others trademark is custom bike design. There are many unique bicycle models, and even customers may give up their choices. All models are creative, and most importantly, they are unique to Harley Davidson. With the sharp rise in global fuel prices, consumers continue to pay attention to the fuel capacity of cars. We are aware of our carbon footprint and we are focused on buying green vehicles. To solve these problems, Harley must invest a lot of money in research and development, and many cars are now hybrids. You can find useful ideas on making environmentally friendly, energy-efficient bicycles. Such products guarantee Harley’s competitive advantage in the UK market, while maintaining and achieving its goals.

Pricing strategies

Customers are mainly product-oriented customers who want unique designs and high-performance bicycles without having to worry about the high price of bicycles. Harley-Davidson bikes are so expensive that they need a premium pricing strategy for that target market. Thanks to a good pricing strategy, companies can effectively track the value proposition by providing quality products and reasonable prices. However, the company needs to know that at this stage price is very sensitive since they are just penetrating the market. The price should be within the buying capacity of most citizens in the UK. The pricing of competitors needs to be considered so as not to set a price that is neither too low nor too high.

Place strategies

Place mixing plays a huge role in the correct delivery of the final product. Harley-Davidson follows the same strategy in the UK market as it primarily follows the strategy of agents distributing products to customers around the world. Customers can contact the dealer directly and purchase the bike they need on request. Dealers can transport the required bikes to the desired destination.

Promotion strategies

As Harley-Davidson introduces products to new target markets, promotions are very helpful for the success of the implementation phase. In this series, the company’s marketing activities must focus on a single lead. In the first phase, special sponsor events should be organized to promote sports bikes and racing cars. In addition, agency advertising is a practical way for companies to do business and encourage dealers to bring bicycles to market through agency advertising. In addition, during this implementation stage, the company must send motorcycle advertisements in magazines, which requires the company’s advertising practices. A unique website should be created that creates awareness about the production process and its contributions to a greener environment and added-value. Consumers in the UK value high technology, quality, and environment.


Harley needs to improve its knowledge of psychology-based consumer buying patterns. This idea made Harley’s successful campaign in the UK market easy, as it was easy to spot the need for an important marketing strategy. Choosing a target audience allows the company to understand current preferences regarding product quality and motorcycle design. This helps the company gain a competitive advantage. Choosing the right promotion strategy, price, location, and product is essential to provide customers with a range of unique motorcycles in a short period of time. Focusing on these areas can help management execute its activities and retain customers for the long term. 

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