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Umka: A Free Platform With Job Opportunities For Everyone

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As of today, many organizations, institutes, and some banks have utilize the goodness of the blockchain ecosystem. As a result of this, the blockchain ecosystem has experience a huge boost in terms of growth and popularity. Many users or investors are added to this ecosystem and thereby entering the crypto-market. Amazingly, all the access points such as mining, trading, and assets remains very much available to the selected professionals. However, what the previous setups fail to address is to solve the participants tasks. The emergence of UMKA offers a job opportunities (freelancers) plus the key to thousands of projects to participate, vacancies, system testings, and a user control unit, and a learning platform for all top academic institutions across the globe. Let’s get to know UMKA.


This setup is known to be a sound platform that is establishment with a team building equipments based on the blockchain technology. With the use of the blockchain tech, this setup will provide a suitable pace for interaction between the employers and the contractors. This is also achieved by integrating wide varieties of tools into the setup.

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This setup offer the contractors a selection from the numbers of the freelancers with the required competence levels recorded in their digital passports. This setup also provides freelancers with the key to access the thousands of Job opportunities, user control unit, learning program from experts in all leading institutions.

Umka offers not only do opportunities, but the setup also provide a smart network that enables the contractors to set a precise expectations for the employees (freelancers).

This platform is inclined towards creating a perfect decentralized community that would be favorable for users to develop their working skills and also for them to work on their own personal development without experiencing any form of difficulties. However, in retrospect to most existing market platforms, users are only allowed to interact through the use of a peer-to-peer protocol which has limit the strength of cooperation between them thus affection many freelancers who are in need of a direction form of communication. More to the issues faced with them is their inability to pay on time and the substandard level of performance in the system. There is also a language barrier problem and higher fees of commision that have affected the entire system adversely. All these issues will be countered and settled with the use of Umka.


This platform has created an ecosystem that would allow all employees to be able to form or create new project groups that would help freelancers and bring them together to work on a degined project. There will be no limit to the number of freelancers that would be able to join such groups. More so, this network is ready to serve all users with a low commission fee as low as 1% for every transactions done therein. lastly, to solve the issue of lack of cooperation and interaction in the existing model, it creates a real chat board for all the professionals to interact and learn from one another in the platform and also for them to impact themselves with adequate knowledge and experience.


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