Umka: making the online free working websites a trustworthy site for everyone

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Umka: making the online free working websites a trustworthy site for everyone.

In the 21st century, several university graduates, undergraduates, and highly skillful professionals are working as a freelancer through out the world. According to google, it was reported that the job opportunity platform has gained about 1 billion usd in the recent years. Furthermore, these skillful workers rely mostly on the internet ability to gain clients and get job orders. However, various online freelancing platform provide a system to hire a professional and work but with no guarantee about the work quality and dedication from the specialists. As a result of this, UMKA has come to address the issue.

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The basic informations about umka

This system is a system that is powered by blockchain and this system offers effective project establishments. The system support participants with a wide spectrum of equipments which are embedded into the system. This system will help any user or participants who join this system to find a trustworthy freelancer, clients, jobs and online tutorials from around the world. This system is created to design professional communities. It will offer the communities with a good environment along with education feature.

The unique characteristics of this system

This system offers a strong support for freelancing and learning. The features includes: Smart contract. This feature will be utilized when two or more parties wants to establish a long-lasting business corporation on this system. With the feature the both parties can create an agreement and verify the terms of payment task and other things.

Digital passport. This feature encompasses all the information you have on the system, and this information is stored on the blockchain. The details entails the qualification and skills of the participants and the experience they possess

Arbitration Mechanism. When work seems to go wrong or out of your capacity, with this feature, this system will offer an instant help to resolve the issue.

Google translation. Will be used on this system as an essential equipment in understanding other kinds of languages.


Relationship are restricted to the p2p format no guarantee of prompt payment and proper work performance high cost fee;

The emergence of unresolvable disputes.


The owner of a job and freelancers work together on a single platform; availability of AgileSC to guarantee transparency charges 1% per transaction; availability of the arbiter as an experienced user on the platform who helps in dispute resolutions.

Aims and objectives

The UMKA system that seeks to:

To create a professional system and provide them the best work environment, education, personal upgrades plus development.

To ensure freelancers have the free access to over thousands of projects, vacancies, testing system with self directive functions and a teaching class from the global leading academic.

This system major on financial protection for all participants, as a result of this, all system activities usea the AgileSC based on blockchain tech.

In conclusion, this system comprises of a well furnished user interface installation, customer oriented service system, participants Personal details are safe. With this amazing features, I am sure this platform will definitely thrive.


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