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  • Flexible Smartphone
  • Pet Translator
  • Car Breathalyzer
  • Simultaneous Language Translator
  • Sunscreen Pill

They say that nothing is permanent except change. It’s the only constant in the world, not your feelings, some of your friends and even our technology. Technology is defined as the application of method or system of scientific knowledge that is deemed useful and with purpose. Technology decides our civilization future, they were the catalyst for industrial revolutions. I remember the days when I need floppy disk to store files that would be submitted to my teacher. Fast-forward to the present, all I need is an access to the “cloud”; I don’t think younger generation even know what a floppy disk is. Technology takes big leaps every year, months even. I mean your smartphone model can easily be considered obsolete after 2 years.

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Several factors played the role to technology advancement; there is the science breakthrough and our refined way of communication. If you think facial recognition is mind-blowing enough, wait until you read some existing unbelievable technologies of today.

Flexible Smartphone

The smartphone industry is surrounded by competitive phone manufacturers. Every year, we see them claim, boast and display their most sophisticated and advance smartphone features. Right now, they are all racing to present the commercial market with a flexible smartphone. There are several photo and information leaks floating in the internet and they are not hoax. The availability of this product is near; Samsung, Lenovo and Apple are competing to offer this graphene-base phone.

Pet Translator

Our pets don’t choose us, we choose them. It is our responsibility to care for them and understand them. But to understand them can be a little difficult. We can get clues from their body movement and sounds they make but that ends there, until the rise of AI technology. AI will enable researchers and scientist to record, analyze and then translate the vocalization and facial expression of an animal into something humans can comprehend. A report sponsored by Amazon predicted that this technology will have its ideal product in 10 years. How exciting is that? For now there is a product available in the market called Voyce, an integrated and proprietary sensor that collects, analyze and delivers health data of your dog.

Car Breathalyzer

Whether you own a simple family hatchback, a commercial fleet or a sports car you need to be aware that drunk driving or DUI is bad and illegal. Not only do you expose yourself to accident but you can also cause harm to other people on the streets. For that you need car breathalyzer technology, an alcohol detection system. Though still being develop, this technology can measure your alcohol toxicity by either breath-based or touch-based system. Once it confirmed that you have exceeded the legal limit of alcohol concentration in your blood your vehicle will not move and lock down the system.

Simultaneous Language Translator

Best paired with your wanderlust, this technology will break any language barrier in your travels abroad. No need to spend time to learn your second or third language, a real-time language translator is available today. There are a number of simultaneous language translator available in the commercial market. It works by listening to the incoming words or sounds, decipher the sound, distinguish the language used, then translate the word to your preferred language and convey the words via computerized speech. Most sounds like Alexa, Siri and Cortana.

Sunscreen Pill

If you are a beach bum like me then you probably spend a good amount of time basking in the sun. I don’t have six packs though so I prefer to lie down on my stomach but of course still no escape from sun burn. That’s why it is important to put on sunscreen lotion but did you know that there are other ways to protect yourself from the harmful rays of our star? GO Sun UV Protect, a New Zealand firm, manufactures the first-ever sunscreen pill. It contains 250 milligrams of grape seed and 6 milligrams of astaxanthin, a carotenoid that scientist believed offers UV exposure protection.

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