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by Laura Hillenbrand

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Richard Lagravenese and William Nicholson





Major Characters

The major characters in the movie unbroken are Louis Silvie Zamperini, Pete Zamperini, Louise Zamperini, Anthony Zamperini, and Sylvia Zamperini. Louis Zamperini is an immigrant from Italy. He joins the WWII navy and runs in Olympics.

Based on

The unbroken movie is based on a 2010 nonfiction novel written by Laura Hillenbrand. The book bears the same name as the movie. It is about survival, resilience, and redemption during World War II.


The main symbols used in the movie unbroken are the Graf Zeppelin, a huge German Airship used in 1929. The Sharks and the bird are a symbol of a natural world full of chaos.


The unbroken movie gives a chronological detail about Louie Zamperini. He participated in the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. He later joined the Navy in WWII. After surviving a plane crash, he is taken as a war prisoner by the Japanese.


Louis is a delinquent who’s always in trouble. His brother assists him to refocus his life. He begins to run and qualifies for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Later, WWII begins and he joins the military. His plane crashes in the Pacific. He miraculously survives by holding onto a raft which drifts him for 47 days. The Japanese army captures him and sends him to war prison.

Why is this topic important

The movie is important to watch due to its major life lessons. Louie Zamperini was always in trouble and bullied by older boys. He transforms and becomes famous. His resilience helps him survive a crash. From prison, he overcomes trauma and learns an important life lesson. He chooses to forgive, serve, and seek peace.

Main Ideas

Amid the chaos, love prevails. Louie is experiencing a lot of challenges in life but his family helps him overcome them. Resilience and optimism should be part of someone’s life. Louie didn’t give up amid trouble.

Key Quotes
  • Older Pete: “A short time of pain is worth everlasting glory.”
  • Lou Zamperini: “if I’m able to take it, I’m able to make it.”
  • Priest: “No matter how the darkness is big or our hopes are dim, light always follows darkness.”
Interesting facts

Louie was actually a troublemaker when he was a boy. In the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, he met Adolf Hitler and shook hands. The movie is a true story and everything in the movie happened to him in real life. Louis died five months before the movie was released.

Why should this topic be used

The unbroken movie is important in many ways. The movie is based on a true story about a survivor of Japan’s war prison camp. The real-life story shows the importance of being brave in the midst of war. Louie survived war, crash, and imprisonment.

Arguments for
  • Belief is a strong component for defeating adversity. Louie was in turmoil but he found a new belief and faith.
  • War helps people discover who they are. Louie discovered his true identity in the time of war.
  • Resilience is key to survival. Louie had a lot of things that would have made it give up in life but resilience was he to his victories.
Arguments against

Louie was a man under fate. From his childhood to adulthood, fate was following wherever he went. Theirs is nothing he could have done about it and had to live with it. It is not possible to change some things in life.

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