Understanding Co-working Space as New Typology of Working Space on Promoting Social Interaction


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Cellular offices is the office concepts that offer one in which each individual office is separate from the others that isolated by closing door. According to Gottschalk (1994), this office cellular plan have changed a lot since 1950’s and the changing keep on track because of new ideas and working environment that demand different type or atmosphere ( Vuokko,2015). The nature of office design influenced by different generation that lead to different work environment preferences and the equipment (O’neil,2011). According to Saurin (2008), the increasing of small companies and freelance workers, new (ICT-driven) ways of working, telecommunication, and related developments cause a decreasing of workplaces.

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The advancement in the information and communication technologies (ICT) have led to more flexible and mobile workplaces (Cole, 2014). This development in the ICT aspect is too dominant affect the physical workplaces that replaced by digital technologies. For example, virtual meetings take place through video conferencing or screen sharing technologies (e. g. WebEx, GoToMeeting or Skype) (Passerini et al. , 2012). The sole prop or the workers now increasingly working at remote location or away from office such as working at home, ‘hotspots’ in public vanues (café,restaurant or hotel) or when travelling between two locations (e. g. planes, trains and boats) (Cole et al. , 2014). This situation also affect the growing demand for othe spaces than a regular workplace in the office itself, such as meeting areas, project spaces and event spaces (Barber et al. , 2005; Harris, 2015), because of the increasing social importance of office buildings as a setting for social interactions (e. g. Sykes, 2014; Van Meel and Brinkø, 2014). According to Gibson (2003), the increasing require for flexibility space or working area affected by increasingly demanded office space with multi-tenant through decreasing of workspace, this particular phenomena can offer better user comfort and higher level of services (dielemans, 2014). Perrée, 2016 mentioned that more self-employed people are looking for a work place at a remote location that often in a business centre, café or train that serve with ICT insfrastructure, meeting spaceces, private working space and collaborative facilities. This facilities can offers them a various network opportunities acces and balance the personal and working life experience (De Vries et al. , 2012).

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