Understanding Why is Communication Important in the Workplace

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  • Introduction
  • Clarity of Communication Is Important in the Workplace
  • Promoting Transparent Workplace Communication
  • Conclusion
  • References


When ideas, information and messages are shared with others in a particular time and place, communication is established. It is vital to an organization’s growth and proper functioning in society. This essay has attempted to understand the various factors that impact workplace communication. There have been studies that have found that there lack of quite many factors curb the state of communiqué in a workplace and also studied the significant question: why is communication important in the workplace? This essay sheds some light on such aspects and their impact.

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Clarity of Communication Is Important in the Workplace

One of the main factors impacting workplace transmission would be the clarity of purpose. The key messages governing the state of the company should be consistent throughout. If this has been done successfully, there wouldn’t be no cloud in the judgments of the employees and the work would go smooth. Sahoo et al., (2011) talk about in their paper how clarity of purpose is a major feature in their strategy for employee empowerment. The advent of technology comes really handy when establishing a solid communicative foundation between the superiors and folks who work below them. Telecommunication especially, has helped to make the issue of distance futile. There are emails, video calls and so many other exciting dynamics that help in maintaining a great relationship with one’s peers and superiors even if one is away. It is particularly useful for sales representatives as their work involves a lot of movement and through telecommunicating with their employers they don’t miss out on any recent development and their relationship is maintained. Gillespie et al., (2017) discuss in their how advancement in telecommunications has led to a development in the economic situation of a region.

Promoting Transparent Workplace Communication

There should be an effective sharing of information established. Decreasing the transparency levels between employers and workers shall help in maintain a certain of integrity and trust within the workplace. The sharing of information is most effective when the right amount of data is given to the workers, managers and supervisors at the right time by systems and networks. In the paper here by Conrad et al., (2014) it sheds light on how effective sharing of information has been regarded as a major cure to many problems that may arise in the workplace environment. The use of social media has been quite helpful in maintaining a cordial relationship between superiors and workers in the after work hours. It is also responsible for making the workplace atmosphere more friendly and amusing. On top of this, informations can be shared instantly to multiple people and any recent developments in the company or any particular project can be notified to the parties involved much more effortlessly. In their paper Ravenscroft et al., (2012) it has been made point of how social media can be used to learn information and how it is a useful tool for the workplace in the digital age.


The report thus discusses the factors affecting communication in the workplace today. The clarity of purpose is deemed vital and has been pondered on why. The advantages of telecommunicating have been talked in detail as well. Comments have been made on how social media is a necessary tool and how the transparency should be maintained between workers and their superiors. On top of discussing the factors, it has been conjectured on how such factors improve the workplace environment and successfully avoid a hostile atmosphere.


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