Understanding Work Culture before Joining for a Job

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Dwelling in the 21st century has been substantially different yet profound. Today finding a job is as easy as ordering a pizza or shopping online or booking a cab, thanks to the advancements in technology in such a short period of time. One just needs to register themselves on any of the standard online job portals/website/apps and voila, they landed their dream job or you can say necessity job. But is it done there? Just registering your resume and getting selected?

I don’t think so. The place where you will work play’s an essential role for you as it can help you improve/worsen your work performance on a daily basis. Environment plays a vital role for in development. To understand this deeply, let me give you few examples i. e. Plants & Trees need sunlight to grow; they cannot grow during night, Stars need night to shine; they cannot shine nor can be even seen during daytime. Similarly, work culture also plays a deciding role in retaining and binding people to an organization. To understand any organization/company’s work culture, one must understand their some of the principles:

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  • Perception.
  • Purpose.
  • Definition of Success.
  • Employee Appreciation.
  • Flexibility.
  • Safety of the employees.

Perception: Understanding company/organization’s vision is needed as that should match with your vision. If path’s are not mutual. One cannot work in that company for a long period of time. Without clarity one cannot run in a long run.

Purpose: Purpose is the most substantial thing for you as it defines your path. You cannot just run blindly on any path without knowing which path to choose? This also helps you in understanding you goal. Understanding your company’s purpose and how it relates to your personal growth will help you determine if the organization is the right fit. Identifying the company’s purpose is essential to feeling connected to your workplace.

Definition of Success: Company’s definition of success can reveal key insights into its culture. Identify how the company values your contributions and rewards you accordingly.

Employee Appreciation: Employee appreciation is a very crucial part in the work culture. Employees want to feel that their efforts are recognized, whether that is through a promotion or a simple exchange between team members or constant rewards. If leaders encourage their employees’ hard work and promote others to express appreciation to their team members, it’s likely that recognition is important to that company’s culture.

Flexibility: Flexibility in work culture means that the company is open for suggestions from their employees and vice-versa. Flexible work hours also makes it ease.

Safety of Employees: It is important that employees do not work in hazardous/dangerous conditions. Employees should be assets for companies not liabilities.

Goodwill, Good Work: Employee’s goodwill is defined in accounting terms as an intangible asset that cannot be valued in monetary terms. Employees spend most of their time in the workplace, completing projects, interacting with colleagues and dealing with customers. Hence, the importance of a healthy workplace culture should never be underestimated.

Employee Retention: Retaining quality employees is one of the most important responsibilities of a HR professional. Employees leave their organizations for a countless of reasons, these ranges from issues with Payment/Salary to more subjective reasons like job satisfaction or even conflicts in the workplace. Traditionally, most organizations often underestimate the importance of having a positive work culture and base their hiring processes on ability rather than workplace and employee.

Establishing Reputation: An organization’s reputation depends on several factors like benefits offered, career possibility and of course corporate culture. An organization/Company with a healthy workplace culture can also introduce employees with as sense of pride and belonging which in turn encourages employees to recommend the organization/Company to friends and family or even potential customers.

Opportunities: One must understand the opportunities which any organization/company provides as it decides your future growth in that organization/company.

Learning about a work culture is like learning and understanding a new family which you will join and be there for some period of time.

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