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Unique Foods to Relish Your Taste Buds

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Indians tend to enjoy their food above all. Majority of any Indian’s income is spent on food. Coming from the land of diversity and culture, the same has been passed down onto our culinary expertise with the wide range of spices and herbs. This has developed a rather extensive food pallet for Indians that seems never to be satiated and wants to try more and more new items. While there are some types of food items that are simply good and delicious, there are some other types of food that make us gorge the entire dish, thanks to its exquisite taste.

Lahori Charga

This dish is the perfect blend of marinated chicken topped with mouthwatering spices that is served steamed and fried. The dish originated from Lahore and hence the name. Tunde Kabab While kebabs are the most favorite type of food consumed in Lucknow, what separates the Tunde kebab from the rest is its delicious taste and succulent texture. The name of the dish came from Haji Murad Ali, the creator of the dish who had only one arm. In Hindi language, a person with one arm is called Tunde.

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Litti Chokha

A traditional dish from Bihar with fan following all over India, the uniqueness of this type of food comes from the fact that due to the ingredients used in making it, this item can be consumed during breakfast or lunch or dinner. Litti is a baked sattu that is served with chokha – a mashed potato based side dish.


A round hollow puri filled with a tangy juice inside – puchka is the type of food for every mood. The refreshing tangy taste hits the taste buds like a bomb exploding with deliciousness and minty freshness.


A traditional Tibetan dish, this type of food seems perfect for the winters. It is a soup based dish filled with hot spices, noodles and vegetables that serve as the perfect one course meal with mouth watering taste and pocket friendly prices.

Bikaneri Kachori

This Rajasthani delight not only attracts Indian fans, but also fans from almost all over the world. Filled with delicious potato stuffing and chutney, this type of food was traditionally the perfect dish for the royals of Rajasthan.


Made with a combination of yogurt, milk and sugar, this delicious desi drink is the perfect way to beat the heat during the summers. While it kills your hunger as it is rich in calories, it also freshens up your gloomy day.

Bombil fry

A dish that has fans turning up from all over the country to taste it, this dish is exclusive to Mumbai as it is made from a sea fish found only on the Mumbai coasts. The delicious fish cooked in rich spices has made it a popular dish all over the world. While a few mouthwatering dishes have been mentioned, there can never be an end to delicacies waiting to be discovered by our taste buds and the lesson here is to keep on trying all the new delicacies every day.


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