United Arab Emirates Development Through Years: Economic and Social Growth, Industrialization

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Table of Contents

  • Economic Development
  • Economy in the past
    Economy in the present
  • Agriculture
  • Industrialization
  • Social Development
  • Social life in the past
    Social life in the present
    Getting theatre and shows in all social and religious events

The United Arab Emirates has transformed from an empty desert to a fruitful state since the federation in 1971. The transformation has been uncanny and the world stood in awe as to how rapidly the changes occurred in this country because the world had its doubts on this country’s development. The economy and social life in the past have drastic differences to the present.

Economic Development

The economic development is a community-conscious process that seeks to improve the economic well-being and quality of life of a society. Today the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the second-biggest Arab economy and has a place with high-income nations, however, the route towards this objective was distinctively contrasted with numerous different nations. The UAE economy has been changed from an unsafe base of fishing and pearling to an oil-based, high-income economy with a high concentration of exile work driving the motors and wheels of the distinctive sectors. The change of the economy carried with its difficulties and openings that actuated exchanges on how best to go up against the difficulties and use the open doors in an ideal organizer.

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Economy in the past

The economy depended predominantly on subsistence agriculture, roaming creature farming, removing of pearls and the exchange pearls, fishing and seafaring. Henceforth, mirrored the nation's constrained natural assets and brought about a straightforward subsistence economy.

Economy in the present

Oil and Gas. The oil and gas action began to shape the advancement and the improvement of the UAE economy in the 1970s. The oil and gas segment has spoken to the largest share in the UAE since the nation is enriched with tremendous assets of oil and gas. So the UAE's economy has still a generally high grouping of GDP in the oil segment. The UAE's oil and gas part keeps on involving prime status in the UAE's economic profile. UAE has resolved to major advancements in its oil and gas generation and supply offices. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the greatest oil organizations on the planet, has been occupied with a noteworthy oil and gas development limit program over the previous decade.

However, the regular resources are restricted and their high utilization effectively affects the earth, so another model of development went for adopting elective renewable assets. Moving towards a green economy may speak to a sensible and reasonable solution, despite the fact that it is overpriced at any rate in the short run. The UAE in the most recent decade encountered some relative change in its non-oil divisions, accomplishing the objective of being the second biggest Arab economy and, as of late, the nation has been positioned as the seventh strongest Asian economy.


Regardless of its outrageous climate, the UAE's developed regions presently stretch out more than 2.7 million (891,089 sections of land). In addition to the date palms, this backings creation of different sorts of foods grown from the ground, including mangoes, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and peppers. The UAE'S rural research key arrangement has been as of late updated so as to centre around coordinated and far-reaching research coordinated at accomplishing feasible and noteworthy development in the division. Advance to date has been accomplished by expanding cultivable land and by upgrading production strategies. The convenient utilization of manures, the utilization of enhanced seeds, irritation and malady control, change of the nature of administrations to makers, particularly as farming direction, and additionally arrangement of sufficient water system offices and the improvement of help strategies, amid both creation and advertising stages, added to these achievements.


This present State's methodology has fortified enormous venture by some large industrial complexes for building up the gainful base of the economy and to expand the wellsprings of pay. The modern division has made surprising accomplishments particularly as far as the expansion in the number of ventures. Modern exercises have been encouraged by aggressive low work and vitality costs, great taxation laws and political solidness.

The UAE's principal modern assembling exercises, aside from the oil and gas division which is secured somewhere else, are in development, aluminium, synthetic concoctions and plastics, metals and substantial gear, garments and materials, and sustenance. As of now demonstrated, every emirate in the UAE has found a way to sustain the advancement of these (and other) non-oil ventures both as far as giving the appealing structures and bolster instruments and through the advancement of enhanced offices, for example, mechanical zones, business parks and crucial vitality and transport systems. Tourism. Tourism, specifically, has turned out to be essential, truth be told, UAE is positioned first in the Middle East to have the most exceptional travel and tourism segment. While Dubai is plainly at the cutting edge of the UAE's tourism advancement, it is inappropriate to give the feeling that it is the main emirate where tourism improvements are occurring. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Quwain and Fujairah have each influenced noteworthy strides in their tourism to program. Fresh out of the box new hotels and as of late revamped ones can be found all through the UAE and the guest is spoilt for decision.

Then the challenge confronting the Government was the means by which to use the incomes for reinforcing and establishing the federation, enhancing and growing the social administrations to raise the way of life and build up the non-oil generation base of the economy. In the occasion, the UAE President, HH Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, supported and advanced improvement through arranging and activity as a solitary bound together nation. His worldview was an exchange off between Abu Dhabi's oil riches and the rulers' arrival of an individual expert to the Federal Government. This worldview established and fortify the Federation politically, socially and financially.

Social Development

Social development is tied in with putting individuals at the focal point of advancement. This implies a responsibility that improvement forms need to profit individuals, especially yet poor people, as well as an acknowledgement that individuals, and the way they collaborate in gatherings and society, and the standards that encourage such connection, shape advancement forms.

Social life in the past

Individuals used to volunteer to help each other in great and terrible circumstances. The rulers used to take cash from the rich individuals to encourage poor people and enhance society when all is said in done. Giving services to all in require without separation or qualification. Thought about the family as the foundation of the clan and social and political life. No particular experts working in the territories of social welfare. No composed arrangements to manage the course and social welfare programs.

Social life in the present

The start of progress included construction of streets. The building of schools, doctor's facilities, houses, mosques, cultural and social clubs. Building ports and aeroplane terminals. Launching T.V channels, projects, and stations. Issuance of every day daily papers and week by week magazines.

Getting theatre and shows in all social and religious events

Labour and Social Affair– The UAE place extensive accentuation on HR advancement to enhance its intensity through a proficient workforce, higher profitability, reasonable working conditions and government managed savings.

Social Welfare – the government National Council affirmed new enactment control standardized savings benefits. Under the law, those qualified for the month to month social advantages incorporate widowed national and separated from ladies, the debilitated and the impaired, the matured the vagrants, single girls, wedded understudies, relatives of imprisoned wards, repelled spouses and insolvents.

Social Welfare affiliations. – Non-government social welfare affiliations likewise help those in require in the UAE. The UAE Red Crescent Society is noticeable among the numerous altruistic associations that assistance the penniless, covering such regions as a restorative guide, understudy sponsorship, incapacity, exceptional care, medicinal services programs, detainee care and single amount help programs.

The Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation fund ventures with exact targets to profit expansive networks both inside the UAE and abroad.

Education. The UAE puts vigorously in training, trusting it to be the way to future success in an inexorably globalized economy. The UAE's instructive technique depends on urging the more youthful age to play a full and gainful part in social and monetary advancement. Today, free education facilities access for all citizens at each level of the framework.

Women– The UAE Government is focused on advancing the essential part of ladies in the monetary, social and political advancement of the UAE society. Ladies in Education-Enrolments rates in pre-college instruction give clear proof of the change in instructive open doors for ladies. The level of female kids in grade schools achieved 98.7% of every 1995/1996, ascending to 100.8% out of 2002/2003. Ladies in politics– The entryway is open under the terms of the UAE Constitution for ladies to possess any post, and the ladies of the UAE are progressively having an essential impact in legislative issues and government undertakings.

All these changes have contributed to ensuring that today UAE is a modern, wealthy and efficient economy that belongs to the high-income countries. The development we see now has only one vital conclusion that is to have a clear, aspiring mindset and urge to do well for one’s country.

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