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The emergence of the Internet has changed almost completely human life. It offers utilities that exceed expectations such as providing information, connecting people around the world. One of the benefits of the internet is that it has become a useful tool for student research. I do not think you should limit your internet usage to students because students can use the internet to bring more benefits to learning, as well as life skills. They can find the shortest way of where they want to go but they have to worry about losing too much time. Searching for materials online has become a habit for many students. However, in that huge information store, in order to find the right information, you need some knowledge and self-consciousness. To the extent of the presentation, I would like to highlight some of my own experiences and information through research on finding research papers from the Internet.

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In recent years, there has been unprecedented change in the mass media, one of the leading services today, the Internet. It is an indispensable means of humanity, a “fast, neat, useful” service, and not only that, the Internet has been penetrating into almost everything from economics, politics, culture, social life and all living activities of people from all walks of life, especially for the study of students. The benefits that the Internet brings to students are enormous: Tips for finding documents with the right keywords, Internet – entertainment and youth, saves times in completing tasks, Internet – the invisible rope that connects people.

Tips for finding documents with the right keywords: The Internet, as well as other tools for human life, has two sides, positive and negative. In order to find useful information for study and social purposes, students should have some knowledge to quickly find the necessary materials. Except for very special topics, the subject name itself is a good keyword that immediately limits the scope of the search, the keyword must be determined gradually, from general to detailed, how to find the most specific, most representative concepts for the topic is learning. For example: If you are unfamiliar with terms related to the topic of interest, start with the web directories and specialized glossary dictionaries, glossaries. Choose terms from the general level down to gradually identify the basic concepts used in each narrow discipline, especially to avoid using dictionaries. Choosing keywords that match the operating principles of each search engine is a very important note. For search engines such as Google or Yahoo!, the keywords should be used with detailed keywords to determine as accurately as possible the documents to find. Try to judge the keywords that are used in the page titles, sub-titles, authors, or important concepts in the content of each article.

Except for cases where a string should be found correctly, no specific, semantic words such as at, on, in English or le, la, les in French should be used. Note that many search engines do not distinguish between accented and accented characters, but this is only true for Latin languages, and for Unicode characters there are differences. A scientist has proven that using the internet for students is very simple, not just bookstores, but with smartphones we can connect and search for learning materials, can help children understand what is going on at school, by limiting the student’s internet access, it reveals to them that they can’t believe their parents or anyone can restrict Their internet access, many students want to go to school but can’t afford to study, can use the internet to study, many people with disabilities can’t attend classes, or many busy No time to study, you can learn English through the network. ” People are very reluctant to talk about their private lives but then you go the internet and they’re much more open” Paulo Coelho.

Internet – entertainment, youth: Through the Internet, new trends or meaningful messages spread through social networks. Young people can relax after hours of study and work stress in various forms suitable for each person’s preferences. You can access watch movies, listen to music, play games, read newspapers or update tourist attractions, fashion trends next year … Both knowledge and diversified forms of entertainment. For the modern youth. However, if you know how to use the Internet effectively, it will help you reduce stress, improve your learning and inspire you to work better. There are also many young people abusing the Internet to indulge in gaming, movies that neglect such learning is not right, this is a blame and criticism. Using the internet to save time: There was not much internet before, so it took a lot of time to complete as work and at the company, but now thanks to the help of internet in this modern society, it has helped People and students save a lot of time, instead of going to meet customers to discuss the project can be at home check mail sent over the network, students do not need to do homework class that can stay home Search for materials by internet and do it yourself.

Internet – the invisible rope that connects people: The Internet is where people can connect easily with each other, regardless of country or region. Young people can make friends, communicate or express their feelings through social networking sites such as Facebook, Yahoo … It seems that all the distance is removed and instead is the cohesion of people, together. More than that, you can write your love letters by writing blogs instead of writing diaries on paper. And from that the Internet is the place for wings for beautiful friends, the budding love, family members go to work, go to school can still chat to see each other night. There are many people who think that internet access should be restricted to students because they think that excessive internet use will affect their health or become a cyberbullying victim, but I think that’s not true. As students have grown up and have control over themselves and their minds, if they are restricting their students using the internet, how can they know what is going on and threaten them? With access to a variety of social networking sites, they should educate students about the benefits and harms of the internet to avoid making mistakes. Powers, Kirsten. 2015 “How Liberals Ruined College” The Daily Beast, The Daily Beast Company, 11 May 2015. Everyone has the freedom to use the internet, so the restriction of internet access in universities makes it difficult for students to find the materials they need to study. Students will not be able to develop in the future.

Should you restrict the use of the Internet to students? I do not think it is a good idea to restrict use because. It is an indispensable means of humanity, a fast, neat and useful service and over the internet we will find many new ones. But students, students should carefully consider the use of the internet. Properly and without limitation, use does not mean that we will have to abuse it but must use it appropriately in a standardized way, since the benefits are always harmless. So when you use them, we need to learn everything, the Internet can help us to find what we need quickly without having to go to the place to find out and will help us in the details. Save time when you want to refer to a document on the network.

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