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Unseating the Self in You

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Self is the totality of our five senses and what they long for. As humans we are full of emotions which is also very normal, but the thing is, are you unseating the self in you to be able to have a good and solid relationship with God? Everything that happens to man is emotion which can be negative or positive. Sometimes, we try to evaluate statements, deeds, reactions, and try to give them meanings, but it shouldn’t be so with God.

Unseating means to overcome, removing the virus that can prevent us from having a personal relationship with God. In our walk with God, we must be prepared to disengage our senses and engage faith. Just like our physical senses, we also have spiritual invisible senses. There are certain things that appear foolish to men because they try to evaluate God’s work with their physical senses.

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True believers must be dead to self, we must be broken. Personal interest must not be the underlining motive for our walk with God. For this reason Jesus says you must deny yourself, take up your cross and follow him. No believer can follow the Lord wholeheartedly without first dealing with the self in you.

The truth is if we were to appeal to logic, there was no sense in Christ – The sinless one dying for the ungodly. It makes no sense to man, but it does to God. The bible says look unto Jesus which doesn’t make sense to a lot of people after all, you have to something before you can look, but as believers the bible is not talking about the physical eye. We are to look unto Jesus with our spiritual sense to enable us see him with the eyes of faith.

Spiritual senses operate by faith in God and His word. Self runs parallel government with that of the Holy Spirit. It is not possible to be under self-government and at the same time under the government of the Holy Spirit. They say you cannot serve two masters at a time. One must give way for the other.

I am not saying these things are magical. It’s a gradual process. The bible says our righteousness is like a filthy rag before the Almighty. Most of us are still struggling with letting the Holy Spirit take full control of our lives, but that is why the bible says confess your sins and be forgiven. It takes true repentance to subdue the self in you until the spirit takes full control of your flesh and selfish desires. Physical senses cause fear, but spiritual senses increase your faith and dependence on God. If your spiritual eyes are open, you will frequently behold the superior provision available to you and as a result you will not be moved by the temporal. Physical sense allows you to think for God and try to imagine ways He can reach out to save you from danger, but spiritual senses does not limit God. It sees beyond this world and knows God can do all things.

Let’s take a look at the life of Abraham. Abraham walked with God with his spiritual senses. He never questioned God, but he was willing to do whatever he was told to do. God asked him to sacrifice his son and he obeyed without trying to appeal to logic. Today, we all sing Abraham blessing are mine. That is what it takes to unseat the self in you.

This fight is real. Sometimes, even those with high spiritual level, the battle to unseat the self comes into play. Here are some of the ways that could help us unseat the self in us;

Prayer rocks: Prayer is one of the greatest tools we have as believers. Never underestimate the power of a praying Christian. The bible says pray at all times which means once we make prayer a habit, it will suppress the self in us. Prayer is communication with God and we can talk to Him any time of the day which also gives us the opportunity to activate our spiritual sense. So, whenever we pray, our physical sense becomes inactive.

Meditation: The bible says study to show yourself proved. The word of God refreshes our mind and also reveals God’s standards on how to live. As we meditate daily on God’s word, it helps to reduce the self in us and it increases our spirit being which helps to stay focused on Him.

Self-examination: This is very vital. As believers, we are to constantly examine our lives to know if we are still in line with the heavenly principles.

Bring your thoughts under control: Be careful with your thoughts. Let the holy spirit take full control of your every thought.

Recognize your weakness: They say a problem shared is a problem half solved. Share your weakness with the Holy spirit, talk to God about it. Recognize where they are and ask the holy spirit to step in for when we are weak, He become stronger so rest in His love and cast all your cares on Him and be ready to let go.


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