Unusual People from the Bible


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The person I had chosen is Nat Turner. I chose him because he was under the category of Slavery and the Civil War. I have to admit, nobody that’s listed in for Black History this month, had a good life. Since Slavery was a huge thing back then, Nat Turner was one of them. Based on my research, it said that he was born into slavery, since his own mom, was a slave. Honestly learning about him, was inspiring, and how he accomplished what he wanted to do for a change to this world. Nat Turner was a very religious person at a young age, and still was meanwhile growing up and getting exchanged to other owners. My explicit reason to why I chose Nat Turner is because he led a rebellion which God spoke to him since he was really religious and went against the owners.

Nathaniel “Nat” Turner was born on October 2, 1800, in Southampton County, Virginia. What’s unfortunate is that Nat was born into slavery.When looking up research, it had said that his real mother, Nancy Turner (who was also a slave) was raped by her owner, who was Benjamin Turner. His father is unknown because in my research they said that his mother told Nat that his father ran away. Nat was given his surname because Benjamin wanted them to have his last name. People said he had a special talent because he could’ve described things even before he was born. Furthermore, Young Nat knew how to read, write, along with religion since his owner reassured him to everyday, that much that he gave Nat the Bible. When given the Bible, he would sometimes read the bible and preach with his friend slaves. People said he had a special talent because he could’ve described things even before he was born.

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After Benjamin’s death, Nat had become Samuel’s slave. Samuel basically made Nat to marry another slave named Cherry. Before this all happened, something tragic had happened. He was 21 when he asked for freedom and got whipped in return. A year Later, Samuel Turner had died, and then the entire Turner family had to sell them (the slaves) to other owners, including Nat, and once again, he had asked for freedom again, but had gotten whipped by his new owner Thomas Moore. This time, it’s the same as before with Benjamin Turner, he dies and Nat gets passed on to Thomas six year-old son, Putnam Moore. Furthermore into this bit, Nat had become a part of Putnam’s stepfather’s household.

Until one day, resources say that Nat Turner had a “seventh vision” as if someone talked to him, and to start a rebellion against the owners. It was more like a “Holy War”, and his four friends had saw this thing that passed which was another solar eclipse, and he knew that it was God telling them that the strike had to begin once and for all. So then he told his fellow friends, about this rebellion he’s planning. I tell you this, is that they killed 55 people, the people being slave owners.

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