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Upgrading The Crypto-Community

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The newly found or created crypto-community that is Generally known as the chain system (block-chain), is without controversy one of the best technological improvement we have today and as of this age. However, despite all of the great abilities and functions which can be derived from its use in different sector, there are still some defects in this system that needs to be corrected to make it attain a perfection plane. Some of the defects is the shallow security management, a lack of full decentralization to penetrate into all other systems and so on. Meanwhile, a new version of this block-chain will be seen to spring up if all its defects are cleared. This is the main reason why USECHAIN is formed.


This project is an interesting one that is fully equipped and built to conform to the perfect picture people desire from the (block-chain) system. It cut across all the spheres and is equipped with an identifier tool. This is not just another project, its is one which brings out the real virtue and beauty of other project in the general crypto-universe. It seeks to bring out perfection in the entire programs and operations carried out in the crypto-universe.

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This system has found deeper application in the new technology and is constantly improving as it is scaling above the limitations and barriers that has reduced the value of all the operations done in other crypto-projects as the case may be. Furthermore, it stands its ground as a shield against all the challenges users are faced with while using the block-chain tech, hence making it more secured and usable. It also encapsulates wide spheres, including the banking sector hence simplifying all transactions and ensuring the safety of all the operations and also thriving in the insurance sector and also in many government establishments. The commencement of the construction of usechain started in the year 2016 with the active involvement of its team and was concluded in the month of june 2018. Although the website has been completed since last year 2017. This solution project was made possible by the supporters and devoted patners through cooperation and devoted consistency. The major priority of this project is to provide an environment that is free from harm and external influence so as to keep users information and transactions safe. It also Plans to achieve a balance and well coordinated performance of activities in the crypto-community. Using a Randomize PoW, a well established security will be maintained in the system.


All users will be identified and verified in this system to avoid mixed identities thus making sure individual users account is only accessible by the owners alone. All the important services that are linked to users personal data will be supported and highly secured using this network. More to this, all the necessary wallets for saving funds of different cryptocurrencies will be provided to users to enable them perform transactions with their desired cryptocurrency in the ecosystem.


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