Usain St Leo Bolt - the Fastest Man in the World

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Bolty lived in the Jamaican capital called Kingston. Bolty was fast and strong. His mother had never seen someone as strong as him. His mother would always ask herself: “What kind of child is this?” “I have never seen someone so strong” Bolty was always hyperactive and jumpy. His mother thought it was because of all the sweets she had when she was pregnant. Bolty’s mother only knew one time when Bolty was slow. That was when he was born. He was born a week and a half late.

As a child, Bolty was good at sports. It could be any sport. Running, cricket and football were his favourite. When playing Bolty would play so passionately that he would sometimes get cuts and bruises. It didn’t matter to him. Bolty would also prank a lot. In fact, so much that his father would have to discipline him. When Bolty would do something really bad he would run from his father and his father would run after him. Bolty was fast, but I think his dad enjoyed running after him.

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At his school, there was a famous grass track. The first time Bolty raced on it a guy named Jack was there. Jack would always come first. One day his gym teacher said: “Bolty, if you win the race against Jack today, I will buy you lunch”. His gym teacher knew how to motivate Bolty. Bolty loved food. He knew he had to win the race if he wanted the lunch. This time Bolty performed even better than Jack. His teacher bought him a nice meal. Bolty made sure he never lost a race to Jack again. His new motto became “Once I beat you, you never beat me again”. This race made Bolty realise how it felt to beat someone at a race. He loved this new feeling.

Although, Bolty was fast as lightening he had one problem. He was not good at starting a race. Every time before a race, Bolty would start looking to the sides. Sometimes he would look to the left. Other times he would look to the right. He always had to look somewhere. By looking to the sides, Bolty would lose time and his focus. His coach suggested putting blinkers on him. Just like they do with the racehorses. Bolty and his coach would spend a lot of time together on the field. He would teach Bolty how to become a better runner, and Bolty would work hard. In his high school championship Bolty won a medal.

This would not be the first medal Bolty would win. Soon he started to sprint in World Championships. There was a huge pressure on Bolty. He would get nervous every time he had to spring. The crowd would cheer for him so did his family. He did not want to disappoint them. Sometimes he would be so nervous that he would put his shoes on the wrong feet. He was only 15 then, and again he had won a medal. Bolty would break his own record every time. He just kept getting better and better. The world saw it and kept asking: “For how long can this man continue breaking his own record?” “Is it really possible to run that fast?” But Bolty could.

Usain St Leo Bolt came to be known as the fastest man in the world. He won countless World Championships. In fact, Usain Bolt is the only sprinter who won Olympic 100 m and 200 m at all three Olympics in 2008, 2012 and 2016. He is an inspiration for everyone who has a talent. His hard work encourages us to improve our own talents and become who we really deserve to be.

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