Use of Dancing as a Method of a Physical Therapy in Nursing

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Some people my assume that a nurse carry out the physician's “filthy work.” The society may also point out that a doctor’s opinion is more supeior than a nurse’s decision or operations in the medical field. So, what is the authentic performance of a nurse? A nurse does not just have one purpose; a nurse has many. A nurse is an empathetic shoulder to convert to when a patient is confronted with severe news about their health. A nurse is an analyst of the problematic medical jargon that patients and families do not clearly understand. A nurse carries a bond with the patient, which shares emotional support and unbiased opinions. The nurse carries the responsibility of upholding the confidentiality of a patient. A nurse can also bring activating such as dancing to help patients build confident to feel good about themselves.

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Dancing is a fabulous way to get exercise and stay heart healthy. Dancing is more fun than just going to physical therapy and doing some simple range of motions. Moving to music implements a more approachable way to get active, primarily if you are doing couples dancing. Many nursing homes and cardiac rehabilitation centers offer dancing lessons. A dance class could be an enjoyable approach to improve overall wellness. I spent my younger years studying tap and jazz--I do not have a qualification in dance, but it was such a vital part of my childhood and teen years for a long time that I can't leave it out of my life now. People do not need to obtain a precise occupational pathway to seek all of their interests or combine their skills into a professional life. Right now, I am utilizing my passion for dance choreography in my geriatric psych unit to help the patients sleep better at night. Dancing in the afternoon helps them burn off energy while helping their bodies release endorphins. The patients look forward to bingo and dance parties with the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s music; the physicians are okay with it as long as the patients are observed. Exercise is beneficial, after all!

I made sure to mix my dance talents with nursing to benefit the patients positively. Nursing is a field that flourishes on the diversity of special gifts it brings to the patients. According to suggested that dance music was the right stimulus for making social contacts. The earlier-trained social patterns, old social habits, and general rules seemed to awaken to life in persons with dementia. The caregivers needed to show individual creativity, spontaneity, and supportive nursing care. Social dancing at the nursing home was found in this study to be very positive and successful for patients with dementia (Palo-Bengtsson and Sekman).

As reported by Suzanne Mahon’s article “Physical Activity Benefits Patients and Nurses Throughout Life, “Studies have found that engaging in daily exercise can reduce the uncertainty of certain cancers like breast, colon, and endometrial. Routine physical activity helps manage healthy body weight by balancing caloric intake with energy expenditure, and the health benefits of a physically active lifestyle can also reduce the risk of suffering and death from other chronic diseases like heart disease, type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and hypertension (Mahon). I enjoyed reading Margaret Frederiksen article on combining dance with working as a Physical Therapist.

She relates to dancing the same way I do when it comes to helping my patients stay physically healthy. According to Margaret Frederiksen, my history as a dancer combined with my interest in the human body and how it works drew me towards dance medicine. Working as a therapist allows one to take a person from their injury and build them back up to be even stronger than they were before, and hopefully preventing further injuries (Frederiksen).

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