Uses and Gratification of an Audience Using Interactive Advertising Sites

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This study will investigate Uses and Gratification of an audience using interactive advertising sites for the period of two months that is July 2018 and August 2018.Advertising creates an impression in the mind of the people in favor of the advertiser’s interest (Presbrey, 1929). Online advertising does not just circulate information; it penetrates the public mind with desires and belief (Burnett, 2017). Interactive advertisement is an online advertisement using digital technology to promote content, service and product to the audience and feedback or comment is given, to whom the advertisement is directed. Interactive advertisement sites are online commercial sites where audience directly interacts with the advertiser, content, service and product for need fulfillment and gratification. (Janoschka, 2004). Interactive advertising emerged with the advent of the internet, to involve the audience directly and develop a two-way communication between the message and its audience. (Adzaruddin, 2012). Interactive advertising includes promotional advertisements and messages delivered through online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile or web sites and affiliate programs. For such advertisement various online websites are used to create audience base these sites are used as commercial sites. The audience is who contribute in any form of media (Livingstone, 2015). The audience interaction with the internet and digital media has increased drastically around the globe as well as in Pakistan. Audience nowadays has become more active psychologically for example, giving spontaneous response and help advertiser to pinpoint their needs (Patrick Dolan, 2016). As well as websites used for digital advertising serve as distribution channel and enhance revenue of the companies.

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The uses and gratifications theory has been widely used for assessing the behavior of internet users and interactive audience. According to Uses and Gratification theory audience uses and seeks out for media where they can fulfill and gratify specific needs or objectives. (Blumler,1974).

According to Katz, Gurevitch and Haas (1973) psychological function of mass media into five categories; cognitive needs, affective need, personal need, social integrative need and tension release. It shows that the audience is very actively using media and they are goal oriented too (Blumler, 1974). For analysis of digital need gratifications, (1) Cognitive needs which is usage for getting knowledge information and understanding, (2) Affective needs of people to use digital media for pleasure or fun, (3) Personal Integrative which is the use for personal confidence and status and (4) the need for Tension Release should be considered by digital advertising websites according to Kaz and Gurevitch model, there will also be the study digital gratification of youth.

Digital gratification is the psychographic behavior of the youth using content of digital medium for need fulfillment and gratification. It comprises of the following factors; the first one is content, which is the subject matter available on the interactive advertising sites. Another factor is the motivation of audience for digital gratification which is called Process. Usage is also a factor as it is the use of digital medium for need fulfillment and gratification (Stafford, 2004).

This study will focus on digital advertising websites, assuming that one’s goal is ultimately to sell a product or service; digital advertising is designed to support online websites. This study will analyze the relationship of the audience and the following websites (1), (2), (3) which are, considered top most websites in Pakistan .

According to Lippmann, the most important public is the youth as it is our future (Lippmann, 1922). The largest and most dominant percentage of the users of digital advertising websites is the youth. Furthermore the young audience of digital advertising websites is more active and more interactive for example, giving spontaneous response and help advertiser to pinpoint their needs (Patrick Dolan, 2016). Henceforth the majority of our focus should be engaged towards the youth and it is the target audience of this study as well.

The quantitative research method will be adopted. Descriptive type of survey analysis of 300 respondents will be conducted. The researchers will be used simple random sampling of university students of Rawalpindi and Islamabad region, Foundation University from Rawalpindi, and NUST University from Islamabad. Questionnaires will be furnished to the students of Bachelors level.

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