Using Cellphones During Classes in Schools


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 I recall when I was 9 years old I got my first phone, it was a Nokia 230. All I would do on the phone was play games such as card games, etc. It had no internet/wifi, no Bluetooth, bad quality camera. As seen in today’s technology I see that there are high techs cell phones such as apple and Samsung phones/products, there are major changes such as having internet connections, BlueTooth, google search, fingerprint features, etc. as seen there are major changes from the first time I got my phone in 2011 till this day in 2019. It’s thrilling to see the major changes in cell phones and see the major upgrades that come up with every year. Isn’t it amazing to see the changes year by year cell phone creators make to satisfy their buyers? Isn’t it interesting to see what cellphones are they going to invest in soon?

In this day and age, cellphones are seen as a huge distraction in a person’s life, therefore this brings us to our topic: Should cellphones be allowed in schools? Due to research studies and my opinions, no cell phones should not be allowed in schools because they are major distractions to students, because cell phones are the major reason why students are not listening attentively to the teachers, cellphones show a huge sign of disrespect towards the teacher and affect a student’s grades. Cell phones are a major distraction to students by them going on their social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook those three social media sites are the most used in the world mostly by students and even their parents. Not going to lie, I use social media but I limit my access to it to three times a week which is a reasonable choice, but in school that’s what all students do, go on their social media, text friends, watch videos, and repeat the same action every minute.

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Using cellphones in class while the teacher is trying to teach a lesson shows a huge amount of disrespect to the teacher, due to them not caring about what the teacher is saying and the time the teacher has to offer to help their students. Due to a quote, I found by Zach Mass, a student journalist states that “They hate it (the policy) because they are attached to it (the cellphone),”. This quote states that students hate it when teachers take their cell phones away from them and show hatred towards the teacher. Cellphones in schools affect your grades this is because students get distracted due to the use of social media and the ability to ignore the teacher just to stay on the phone for a quite long time. It’s not just at school that a student’s grades can be affected. The use of cell phones at home is a distraction from doing readings, homework, and even study for a test/exam.

To conclude, I have explained and talked about if cell phones should not be allowed in schools due to their negative usage during and off class time. Students must stop using their phones during class time or school time. They must only use their cellphones for an emergency, research, or in their own free time.

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