Valuable Lessons Learned in Life

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Valuable Lessons Learned In Life

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Table of Contents

  • First Valuable Lesson: If You Want Something, Go Get It
  • Second Valuable Lesson: Moving On Is Vital
  • Third Valuable Lesson: Traveling Helps You Level Up
  • Fourth Valuable Lesson: Keep a Diary and Someday It Will Keep You
  • Fifth Valuable Lesson: Cherish Your Friends and Family
  • Sixth Valuable Lesson: Life Is Too Short to Be Anything But Happy
  • Seventh Valuable Lesson: Health Is the Real Wealth

Life is not always a bed of roses, it has its own ups and downs. Struggles are a part of life, it cannot be avoided. For every struggle, we learn a lesson and later call it an experience. Life lessons are not necessarily learned from bad experiences, it can also be learned from good experiences, accomplishments, mistakes of other people, and by reading too. However, there is a huge difference between learning theoretically and practically. Most life lessons cannot be learned effectively until we face difficult situations in life. I had learned plenty of lessons too and I shall unveil the lessons that I learned from 20 years of my life.

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First Valuable Lesson: If You Want Something, Go Get It

Life is simple, if you really want something, take it. When you have the chance to get what you want, do not let it slip away. I had lost plenty of great chances because I was either indecisive or lack the courage to pursue it. Taking time to decide instead of making an impulse decision is a good step. However, taking too much time to make a decision will result in chances slipping away. When I find myself being indecisive, I ask myself the question “What’s the worst that could happen if I do it?”. If what I want is not too risky, I would take the chance to pursue it. I learned that if you want something, you should go get it even if it means working hard because some sacrifices are worthwhile. Do not ever depend on someone else entirely, to get something you want. Although it is fine to ask for help, I learned that no one would fight your battles with the same effort as you would.

Second Valuable Lesson: Moving On Is Vital

Do not let yourself suffer from your pain. Hiding your emotions and living in denial would not solve the problem, it will in fact worsen the problem. When you are hurt, face your emotions, admit to yourself that you are feeling down, meet a friend or a family member to vent your negative emotions too, and seek their advice to heal yourself. It is vital to move on from your negative emotions to avoid depression. Therefore, after venting your feelings, have a healthy routine, focus on your life goals and do your hobbies to keep yourself happy.

Third Valuable Lesson: Traveling Helps You Level Up

Travelling brings out the best in a person. It makes a person more appealing, open-minded, and adaptable. Travelling allows a person to explore different cultures and to learn new things. I find that it is worthwhile to spend money on traveling because money can be earned again but time would never be back. Travelling does not necessarily need to be an expensive vacation overseas, even a simple trip to a different town is good enough to make you feel better about your life.

Fourth Valuable Lesson: Keep a Diary and Someday It Will Keep You

As old school as it sounds, writing a diary actually helped me cope with stress. When I’m feeling down, I write down my problems in a book. Although I have some friends to talk to and vent my feelings, there are some things that I failed to express openly. This is when a diary comes in handy. When I write my diary, I feel as though I’m transmitting my feelings to a piece of paper which makes me feel liberated afterward. Writing a diary not only help me get over my negative feelings, but it also helped me notice how much I have changed all these years. When I read my old diaries, I realized that I had faced many challenges which I once thought were impossible to overcome. This made me more confident to deal with future challenges.

Fifth Valuable Lesson: Cherish Your Friends and Family

No matter how successful you are in life, it is pointless if you have no one to share it with. Family and friends enhance your life, you would be incomplete without them. They are the people to count on for advice and encouragement during difficult times. Families and friends will support you to achieve your life goals. No wealth in the world can replace the warmth, compassion, and love of friends and families. That being so if you are lucky enough to have friends and families, spare some time for them no matter how busy life gets. Work may be important, but it would not provide you the love you need.

Sixth Valuable Lesson: Life Is Too Short to Be Anything But Happy

Time flies really fast, if you don't live in the moment you could miss the best part of your life. Live your life to its full extent because life is short and we never know what tomorrow brings. I learned that regardless of how stressful the day is, find a reason to be happy. You could drink your favorite wine after a long day, watch a nice TV show or read a joke online, do whatever makes you happy because tomorrow might not even exist. Do not wait until it's too late to do what you desire, live your life on your own terms, and always remember that being happy is our actual life goal.

Seventh Valuable Lesson: Health Is the Real Wealth

Life is meaningless if you are unhealthy. Without health, we are unable to work and none of our desires can be fulfilled. Nonetheless, most people tend to take their health for granted and only understood the value of it when they are no longer healthy. On that account, we have to appreciate our health and take good care of it.

In summary, I had learned plenty of lessons in my life journey. However, I cannot possibly list all of it, which is why I chose to only list the seven main lessons that I learned in my entire 20 years. Those lessons may seem simple, but they should never be understated. Most people had to pay a great deal of effort to learn a simple life lesson. Hence, even the simplest lesson is helpful in life.

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