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Value Friendship, a Wonderful Asset

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I woke up this morning to some thoughts. Reminiscing on the past, friendship, relationships and everything I had encountered one way or the other, I came to realize how painful it was when friends turn against you.

Have you ever had your friend throw you away just for the slightest reasons?

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Have you ever had your friend do things at your back against your progress?

Have you ever had friends tell you stuffs they’ve been hiding from you because they never wanted hurting you or breaking the bond you share with them?

Have you ever had friends walk out on you in the middle of an heated argument because there is pain that cannot be spoken out at the moment?

Have you ever had friends leave entirely out of their comfort zones to do what they would never have done on normal or abnormal circumstances because of you?

Have you ever had a taste of friendship?

Have you ever had a bitter taste of breakup with a friend?

Have you ever been pained that much?

It should be noted that every individual has his/her own priorities and when they clash with yours, some of them do not have enough skills for management. And when they find it so difficult, they turn against you to make sure theirs go up while yours stay down. This is one of the reasons friends turn against friends.

Another one is releasing the bitter truth. OK, you said this sternly or just with the mindset that you are only aiding him/her to know the truth and perhaps work on it. But it becomes hurting and unbearable and takes it to the heart. At this point, friendship is no longer prioritized but hatred and vengeance.

A good friend of mine once told me that people don’t know the value and importance of friendship and that was why he never kept friends. He told me that he was always unable to handle betrayals, snitches, and people especially close ones behaving funny against his ambitions. In as much as friendship seems irrelevant and unimportant, it is the bedrock of some people’s prosperity, it has also been the bedrock of some people’s strength and how they survive. It has been the inspiration that pushes one in life and honestly, friendship is very important.

Have you ever had someone tell you their stories and secrets and you are like; wow my life is better?

Have you ever had someone come up to you to hear your stories and render soft advice that just changes the whole problem to success?

Have you equally ever been loved in such a way that you know you cannot reciprocate such gesture?

Well, you might want to know that friendship is a little association that aids people. When you start up a constant move with someone for no reason, out of nothing and on nothing but you find each other supporting each other. You are always there and the other person is always there, you feel you are safe and feel protected.

Friendship is an asset that should be valued. Yes, quarrel as you can, hate asking, fight, speak up when it hurts but never let the contributions one has made in your life wasted with the cliché; Who friendship help? And never use your power to provoke your friends. Never use your power against them. Equally never out of any reason decide not to hold them to the top of their dreams. Always support friends with that effort that is not much at least. Sometimes and almost every time, someone says; If not for that man or lady, I wouldn’t have been here. And sometimes someone helps you secretly or helps a close relative of yours because of favor you once rendered. Stay good and helpful, make friends in whatever way you can. Apologize when you hurt people. Apologize also when you feel maybe they hurt you more but you equally hurt them too. Help them to help yourself. Value friendship! Value this precious asset.


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